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Cheese Curds, 12/21: Packers still searching for consistent offensive production

Yes, Green Bay won yesterday, but the offense continues to struggle in the same areas it has all season long.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers' issues on third down remain, as they went 4-of-13 on Sunday. The red zone issues remain, converting only one touchdown on five attempts inside the Oakland Raiders' 20-yard line. Finally, the inconsistent running game continues to be a problem, with Eddie Lacy rushing for just 23 yards on 11 carries and the team as a whole barely cracking 100 yards on the ground.

So what's the solution? Is there even a solution that will get this Packers team some playoff wins this season? This is the question Packers fans have been asking since at least the bye week, if not earlier. The fact that the question remains to this point might signify that there really are no easy answers.

Then again, if the offense can do enough to allow the defense to rest, they have shown that they are able to be effective. After all, following the Packers' 19-play drive that ended with a field goal, the defense allowed just 56 yards on five drives and did not let the Raiders cross midfield.

Here's a look at the various breakdowns of Sunday's win over the Raiders, and stay tuned at APC for more of our analysis of the game.

Frustrated Packers offense still seeking consistency |
Aaron Rodgers is still unhappy, saying that the team doesn't "have a clear-cut direction" on offense. Mike McCarthy tried a number of different personnel groupings, but none of them were as effective as Packers fans expect.

Touchdown was only missing piece of long drive |
For example, with Randall Cobb in the backfield, the Packers drove over 90 yards in more than 8 minutes, but could not find the end zone. That drive did give the Packers a 7-point lead, but it could have been a commanding two-possession edge instead.

Mike McCarthy not worried about 'style points' in ugly Green Bay win - ESPN
It's safe to say that the head coach is happy with wins (at least publicly), regardless of how they take place. Should he be concerned with the way the Packers are winning, with a pair of tough games coming up before the playoffs?

Damarious Randall experiences the highs and the lows |
Having a short memory is critical at the cornerback position, as you can't remember the last play if you're going to have success on the next one. Thankfully, Randall appears to be able to shake off the struggles and move on as well as anyone.

Chips Report from Packers 30-20 Week 15 win at Raiders |
Clay Matthews had one of his worst games in recent memory, missing more tackles than he made and basically being a complete non-factor in every facet of the game.

NFL scores and more, Week 15: What happened on Sunday -
Here's a quick look around the NFL from Sunday's games, which featured the undefeated Panthers staying undefeated (despite Odell Beckham's best efforts) and the Cardinals staying two games up on the Packers.