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Cheese Curds, 12/28: Packers deal with drug allegations and offensive failures

While Green Bay struggled on the field on Sunday, the weekend was full of bad news with allegations that a few veteran linebackers are linked to substances that are banned by the NFL.

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As if the Green Bay Packers loss on Sunday in Arizona wasn't bad enough, now the team has to deal with some allegations of drug use among core veterans on the team.

It has been just a banner weekend for the Packers, hasn't it?

A new investigative report has mentioned three Packers, as well as Hall of Famer-to-be Peyton Manning, in a report on the use and distribution of steroids and other banned substances in professional sports across the country and the world.

Meanwhile, the Packers will try to regain their focus on the issues at hand on the field - namely the abysmal play of the offense. Switching playcallers can't overcome the loss of a pair of starting tackles, but there still need to be adjustments made by the coaching staff when that does happen to mitigate the impact of those losses.

If you can muster up the courage to read on about the Packers this morning, it's all here in today's Curds.

Peyton Manning among numerous NFL, MLB stars named in Al Jazeera report on steroids -
Of greatest concern to Packers fans is the fact that Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, and Julius Peppers are also implicated in this report. Neal and Peppers were alleged to be connected to steroids, while Matthews was linked to a prescription painkiller.

Packers deny allegations of drug use |
The allegations come from an Al Jazeera report which cites a man named Charlie Sly, but Sly has recanted his old comments. Furthermore, the Packers veterans steadfastly deny ever using any banned substances or even having any connection to Sly at all.

Pummeling of Green Bay Packers offense raises questions |
One of those questions is "where is the depth on the offensive line" while another is "where did the Packers' running game go?"

Aaron Rodgers clings to hope, as time shortens |
Mike McCarthy says he has "some hardcore opinions." I'm sure he'll have plenty more after watching the tape of Sunday's game, which he says he will do while taking "the emotion out of it." If we're being honest, a little emotion might be what this team needs to get them going again.

Chips Report from Packers 38-8 Week 16 loss to the Cardinals |
During the game, Brian Carriveau joked about giving new long-snapper Rick Lovato a blue chip this week. Given the performance by the rest of the team, one could hardly blame him if he had.