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Cheese Curds, 12/3: Packers struggle to communicate as NFL tries to re-define a catch

One thing is for sure: Green Bay's receivers haven't been putting the refs in difficult spots when it comes to determining whether or not they actually completed a reception.

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Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

You'd think that players who spend all their time together during the week would know each other's signals like the back of their hands.

Of course, that's what you might think, but that's not what's happening with the Green Bay Packers' quarterbacks and wide receivers. The receivers' drops have been maddening in recent weeks, but what has been arguably more frustrating is to see, time and again, an Aaron Rodgers pass fall helplessly to the turf with no receiver nearby because of a miscommunication.

In today's curds, we look at that issue, some statistical metrics for the Packers' defense, and a rookie whose timely blitzes are starting to become a nice addition to Dom Capers' scheme.

The final item we have today relates to the never-ending quest to define what is or is not a catch in today's NFL. Though the league tried to re-define it last offseason using new words, the gist of the rule didn't change. Now there's a renewed effort (yet again) to overhaul the rule.

Infographic : Packers vs. Lions game preview |
Here's the weekly image, which shows the Packers significantly ahead of the Lions in a few key categories: rushing yards, points allowed, and turnover margin.

Cobb: Lions game will define Packers' character |
Randall Cobb previews tonight's game, discussing how it's a little easier to prepare for a team's scheme when you played against them less than three weeks previous.

What Aaron Rodgers, Packers receivers have is a failure to communicate - ESPN
It's maddening to hear this when the quarterbacks and receivers share the same position coach and are in meetings together all week long. How does everyone continue to misinterpret the signals from the other parties?

Quinten Rollins' blitz a breakthrough |
Rollins landed the only Packers' sack on Jay Cutler last week, as he also helped force an incompletion and nearly recovered a fumble on his other two pass rushes from the slot.

Jets Fourth Best at Forcing Three and Outs - Gang Green Nation
It's not the title that's worth reading for Packers fans, but it's the data analysis that GGN performed here. The Packers sit right in the middle of the pack at 17th in the NFL in three-and-out frequency forced by their defense. I would bet that after the past few divisional games, that frequency has increased over what it was during the first half of the season, though.

The Chronicles of Favre-ia -
How hard was it to be Brett Favre's backup? CBS caught up with a bunch of them to hear their greatest stories about #4.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says league will look to improve rule defining what a catch is
Well, it's about time. The Competition Committee clearly didn't effectively define a catch, so Goodell brought together a group of GMs (current and former), former players and officials, and others to try to figure out a better definition.