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Video: Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary almost hit the roof at Ford Field

This video should give you a different perspective on Rodgers' bomb.

If you thought you fully appreciated just how crazy Aaron Rodgers' hail-mary throw was at the end of the Green Bay Packers' win over the Detroit Lions, we bet you'll gain an even greater appreciation for it after seeing this video, taken from the stands along the sideline. This is probably the best video we've found that shows the true height of Aaron Rodgers' bomb to the end zone. As you can see, the ball nearly hits one of the beams that support the Ford Field roof.

Same ole lions

A video posted by Brandon Movitz (@brandicle) on

This is simply ridiculous. There really isn't much more we can say about that. To not only throw a football 70 yards, but to do it at that angle and put it in a position for a receiver to make a catch? It's absurd, and let's all appreciate the fact that even though Rodgers has struggled lately, he's still capable of making all of our jaws drop.