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Cheese Curds, 12/7: Taking one last look back at the Packers' Hail Mary victory

This Monday morning, we'll take a last look back at Green Bay's ridiculous win before moving on to next week's game against Dallas.

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The Green Bay Packers' comeback victory in Detroit last Thursday Night has been dissected, broken down, and analyzed thoroughly at this point, and the thrilling final play has been seen by just about every NFL fan on the planet by this point.

Last Friday, we encouraged everyone to not worry about the struggles that put the Packers in a 20-0 hole before their comeback, and for one more post, we'll do that again. We'll dig into those issues starting later today. For now, though, on this Monday morning, keep that smile on your face for a little longer as we look back one more time at the Hail Mary in today's cheese curds.

Defense triggers Packers' comeback |
We mentioned this point in our recap, as the defense held Detroit to just six points over the final 45 minutes of Thursday's game and forced one huge turnover to help keep the offense on the field.

Richard Rodgers had breakout game even before answering prayer - ESPN
Rodgers caught eight passes, but we'll argue that this came on seven targets, as the hail mary was really intended for Davante Adams. Furthermore, this game raised his 2015 yards-per-reception average from 7.3 to 9.1, a big jump at this point in a season.

Anatomy of a Comeback: How 10 Plays Helped the Packers Stun the Lions | Cheesehead TV
If you missed the second half last Thursday, here's a good walkthrough of the key plays that led up to the Packers emerging victorious.

Chart Party: Aaron Rodgers threw a Hail Mary that never, ever, ever happens -
Did you like that Hail Mary? Do you like graphs and charts? If you answered yes to both questions, then boy, do we have a perfect post for you.

Favre unveiling ceremony special moment in Packers history |
Mark Murphy answers his monthly mailbag, covering everything from what he does on gameday to how long to expect the season-ticket waiting list to take.

Gary D'Amato - Packers are what they are: 8-4 |
We're back to the cliche well for a breakdown of the first 3/4 of the Packers' season. Still, the overall point is accurate - the Packers are a good, not great team at this point, though there is still plenty of time to change that between now and the playoffs.

Saints block extra point, score first defensive 2-point conversion in NFL history -
It's about time - this rule has been in place in college for years, but after being put into place in the NFL for the first time in 2015, it finally came into play and was a pretty important swing in a tight divisional game.