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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 13, 2015

One NFL analyst thinks that a certain free agent defensive tackle is a perfect fit for the Packers.

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It's now official. As Mike McCarthy announced on Thursday, the Packers' coaching changes have taken effect and the head coach is no longer calling plays. Following that news, several Packers assistants with new jobs were interviewed by beat reporters and given the opportunity to discuss their approaches to their positions.

That's the big topic around Green Bay today, but another one has surfaced involving a free agent. It seems that Packers fans love to hate Ndamukong Suh, but one analyst thinks he would be a great addition to the Packers' defense. Of course, he's the kind of high-priced signing that Ted Thompson generally avoids, but after adding Julius Peppers a year ago, I suppose anything is theoretically possible.

Check out those stories and more below in our final Cheese Curds of the week.

Clements-Rodgers relationship key to offense’s future |
The playcaller and quarterback have worked together for their entire Packers careers, and that relationship is a primary reason why Mike McCarthy was willing to give up calling the plays himself.

Montgomery will work at side of Dom Capers on defense - JSOnline
Coming from a 3-4 background at Oklahoma, Jerry Montgomery has plenty of familiarity with the Packers' defensive system and this opportunity will help him grow and eventually become a defensive coordinator himself.

Zook has high hopes for special teams unit |
New special teams coordinator Ron Zook has identified twelve bad plays from last season. Unfortunately for the Packers, those 12 plays weren't just bad, they were borderline catastrophic.

Lavar Arrington: Packers are best fit for Lions' Ndamukong | Detroit Free Press
The BEST fit for Suh? I think not.

Ndamukong Suh should stay put -
More on Suh: SB Nation's resident former defensive lineman sees Suh as a one-trick pony who has no urgency to develop additional pass-rushing moves, and that would be a problem for a new team that tries to sign him.

Buccaneers release quarterback Josh McCown -
Well that was a short-lived experiment. McCown's release saves the Bucs over $5 million in cap space for 2015, and likely means that Tampa will be taking a quarterback with the first overall pick.

This is how hard it will be for your favorite NFL team to win in 2015 -
The Packers' 2015 schedule lands as the 14th-toughest in the NFL, at least based on their opponents' 2014 records.