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2015 NFL Combine preview: Quarterback class filled with projects

With Aaron Rodgers the only quarterback under contract for 2015, the Packers could look to find a backup in the draft.

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With the NFL Scouting Combine kicking off this week in Indianapolis, Acme Packing Company continues its look at the prospects attempting to persuade NFL executives and scouts to select them on draft day. Today, we highlight the quarterback position.

First Day

Marcus Mariota, Oregon

Projected combine measurements (via NFL Draft Scout): 6'4", 215

Few believe that the reigning Heisman Trophy winner has any chance of falling out of the Top 10, let alone to the end of the first round. However, at this time last season the same would have been said about Teddy Bridgewater. Whether Mariota, a better prospect from a heavily scrutinized offensive system, meets the same fate remains to be seen. His play is reminiscent of Russell Wilson, but he has the body of Ryan Tannehill. A smart offensive staff should be able to turn him into a star. Should Mariota somehow last until pick No. 30, the Packers would be licking their chops at the trade down opportunities.

Second Day

Brett Hundley, UCLA

Projected combine measurements: 6'3", 227

The drop off at quarterback from Jameis Winston and Mariota is steep. There is not consensus third prospect at the position, but UCLA's Brett Hundley probably comes closest. A smooth athlete with tremendous upside, Hundley trails his classmates in the non-physical aspects of the game. Too often he'll drop his eyes when his first read doesn't develop, and his deep ball is a concern. Still, if Hundley was somehow on the board in the third round, Green Bay might be compelled to pull the trigger.

Third Day

Garrett Grayson, Colorado State

Projected combine measurements: 6'2", 220

On paper, Garrett Grayson has it all. He started 35 games for the Rams including every game the past two seasons. He possesses above-average arm strength, and though his delivery looks awkward at times his passes tend to hit their targets. Grayson can even run a bit when the situation calls for it. What he lacks is that "it" factor that separates the starters from the backups. On the third day of the draft that's hardly an issue. The Packers could snag the second coming of Drew Stanton and develop him into a high-end backup for Aaron Rodgers.


Brandon Bridge, South Alabama

Projected combine measurements: 6'4", 226

Brandon Bridge possesses as much athleticism as any quarterback in the draft. However, there isn't much more to his game at this point. He needs to apprentice with a team that can teach him how to operate an NFL offense, a big task given where he stands. Still, if developed correctly, Bridge could become a starting quarterback in a few years.

Jason B. Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as an SB Nation newsdesk contributor and NFL writer for Sports on Earth.