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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 16, 2015

The changes to the special teams coaching staff continue to be under the microscope, even several days after they've been made official.

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Harry How/Getty Images

If Jason Simmons is any indication, Jarrett Bush will likely get a special teams coaching job someday.

That's because Simmons' NFL career went much the same way as Bush's has - a cornerback by trade, both found success as critical members of their teams' special teams units. Now, the 38-year-old Simmons has a new title in Green Bay, and with it comes the excitement of a promotion, added responsibility, and the chance to work with an old boss.

While we read more about the Packers' special teams in the comments, it's worth mentioning two items on the calendar: first of all, today is the day that NFL teams can begin applying the franchise tag to their players who are about to hit free agency. Second, the NFL Scouting Combine officially begins on Tuesday. We'll have more on both of those topics as the day goes along.

Packers to raise ticket prices for 2015 season |
Tickets are going up by $3, $4, or $5 per ticket per game, but President Mark Murphy says the increases will still keep the Packers below the league-average ticket prices.

Former special teams ace Jason Simmons excited about promotion with Packers | JSOnline
How's this for history repeating itself? Simmons, the Packers' new assistant special teams coach, played in the NFL as a special-teams specialist for 10 years. His special teams coordinator during his rookie year in Pittsburgh was Ron Zook, his new boss.

A look at new Packers coordinator Ron Zook's special-teams history - ESPN
Here are a few quotes and a few numbers that describe Zook's attitude and performance coaching special teams in the past.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made $35 million in 2013 |
Should it really be a surprise that the head of the most successful sports league on Earth made that kind of money? Whether he deserves it is a different discussion, however.

Sig Stats: YPCS, Cornerbacks |
Casey Hayward continues to rack up impressive stats; among players with 200 snaps or more in coverage, he finished third in the league in fewest yards allowed on a per-snap basis. His continued good play (while healthy) should help the Packers absorb the loss of one or more corners in free agency.

8 players ready to break out at the 2015 NFL Combine -
APC favorite Jesse James (TE, Penn State) is among the players mentioned by our network's draft expert as a player to watch this week.