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2015 NFL Salary Cap Estimated at $140-143 Million

A new projection from the league offers teams more salary cap flexibility than before.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, when the NFL made its initial salary cap projection for the 2015 NFL season, they informed teams that they expected a cap value of around $138.5 million.

According to one report today, that estimate was a low one - something most people associated with the NFL had expected. Here's the report from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Well that's good news for teams with players looking to earn big contracts (cough, cough, Randall Cobb), as they'll have at least an extra $1.5 million in space to work with, and maybe as much as $4.5 million more.

Currently, the Packers are projected to have the 13th-most salary cap space in the NFL, according to Using the bottom end of the range listed in Schefter's report, they would have at least $23.8 million as the cap currently sits, though that does not account for any projected cuts coming between now and the start of free agency.