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Super Bowl 2015 Prop Bet Results: Patriots and the Over Dominated Props

We recap the prop bets used in our contest and announce the final standings.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For Super Bowl XLIX, we at Acme Packing Company held our first-ever Super Bowl Prop Bet contest as a way to generate a little interest in a game that unfortunately did not feature our Green Bay Packers. We got 59 responses, and we'll get to the results of the contest shortly.

First, let's run down the results of the bets themselves.

First up are the game results. Of course, the Patriots beat the Seahawks by a score of 28-24, meaning that New England beat the point spread (they were favored by 2). The total number of points was 52, so the OVER won against the 47.5 total.

As for game stats, we have the following:
Tom Brady's passing yards: OVER 260.5 (he ended with 328)
Rob Gronkowski's receiving yards: UNDER 74.5 (68)
Russell Wilson's passing yards: OVER 219.5 (247)
Marshawn Lynch's rushing yards: OVER 92.5 (102)

As for the game's MVP award, Tom Brady won. He was the favorite at 2:1 odds.

Now on to the silly, non-football-related things. Idina Menzel's rendition of the National Anthem lasted officially 2 minutes and 4 seconds, which was OVER the 2 minute, 1 second limit. Marshawn Lynch DID NOT grab his crotch after a touchdown. Bill Belichick's hoodie sleeves were INTACT, and BELICHICK was the first coach shown on TV after kickoff. Following the win, Belichick was doused with BLUE Gatorade in the biggest upset of any of these bets; blue was 13:2 to win. Katy Perry unsurprisingly showed up in a DRESS instead of pants or shorts, and it should be no surprise whatsoever that Al Michaels DID discuss betting and the point spread during the game.

There you have it - the results of the prop bets we used for our contest. Here are the final standings from the contest, and congratulations to APC user The MozgovCocktail for coming in in first place!

Final Standings