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Judge refuses to return money and vehicle to Packers' Letroy Guion

The defensive tackle had a personal setback this week, but it appears that it will have little effect on his return to Green Bay.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers' defensive tackle Letroy Guion just can't seem to get anything to go his way lately.

Last Monday, a few weeks after being pulled over in a traffic stop, charged with two felonies, and having about 3/4 of a pound of marijuana, a handgun, his truck, and over $190,000 in cash confiscated, Guion was in court trying to argue that the money and vehicle should have been returned to him.

Unfortunately for Guion, the judge presiding over the case has deemed that the police department had probable cause to confiscate the items from Guion and ruled that for the time being, the department may maintain possession of them.

According to a report from First Coast News, the judge referenced the Starke, Florida area as being a "drug corridor" and that this, along with the quantity of money Guion had in his possession, contributed to the ruling.

However, Guion still has an opportunity to regain the items; he has 20 days to respond to the judge's decision and presumably provide additional evidence that the cash was not related to the drugs in his possession at the time of the stop.

While this is a setback for Guion personally, it likely will not substantially affect his upcoming contract negotiations with the Packers. The criminal charges are still pending, but head coach Mike McCarthy said at the NFL Scouting Combine last week that he would "love to have Guion back," while Ted Thompson simply confirmed that the Packers were "monitoring" Guion's situation. It is unlikely that the judge's finding would affect the front office's opinion towards Guion for now, with the charges still up in the air.

Stay tuned.