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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 24, 2015

Though Mike McCarthy is confident about his team moving forward, there's turmoil in Minnesota these days, after a meeting at the Combine nearly turned violent.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As Indianapolis and the Scouting Combine fade into the rear-view mirror, we are left with hours of audio, pages and pages of interview transcriptions, and a bunch of numbers that supposedly tell us what kind of athletes spent the weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium. But as is the case with so many things, the Combine is far more than the tangible things that are left behind.

For example, you might find out that your team's special teams coach specifically told his players not to do something, only to have them do exactly that and cost your team a shot at a Super Bowl.

But we Packers fans aren't bitter, right?

For today's cheese curds, let's just get the painful one out of the way first.

Four things learned at the NFL scouting combine: Green Bay Packers - ESPN
In case you missed this over the weekend, Rob Demovsky learned that Shawn Slocum's last words to his onside kick team against Seattle were as follows: "If your name isn't Jordy Nelson or Micah Hyde, don't try to field the ball." Now pardon me while I go drink this gallon of bleach.

Okay, on to less agonizing things.

Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon delivers powerful impression at NFL combine | JSOnline
Why is Gordon so good? His quickness - he put up a better time in the 60-yard shuttle drill than any other running back has recorded in the last ten years.

Cornerbacks must answer tough questions |
Marcus Peters from Washington is one of the draft's top corners athletically, but he has a great deal to explain after being dismissed from the Huskies this season.

Mike McCarthy: Green Bay Packers were 'best team in football' last season | FOX Sports
He also said that he's "never had an offense this good" before the 2014 season, and that they could be the "best offense pro football has seen." That all makes his decision to turn over the playcalling duties a little more surprising.

The Great Analytics Rankings | ESPN
The Packers are labeled to be "One Foot In" on incorporating data analytics into their decision-making process. It certainly affected Mike McCarthy's changes to the workout schedule in 2014, but apparently did not translate to his in-game decisions against Seattle.

Signature Snaps: Top 5 special teams plays |
What's your favorite? While both of Micah Hyde's punt return scores are right up there, I think I still have to go with Jarrett Boykin kicking the football before the Bears' punter did.

Quinten Rollins Brings Basketball Skills to the Football Field | Cheesehead TV
Cue up the Demetri Goodson and Julius Peppers references.

Adrian Peterson's agent involved in 'heated exchange' with Vikings executive, per report - looks like Peterson is as good as gone from Minnesota.

MMBM: Jameis Winston is undraftable -
Click for HOT TAEKS, stay for a breakdown of SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber asking NFL coaches whether Joe Flacco is elite. In the media room, people either thought it was hilarious or despicable, and there was nothing in between.