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Linsley, Bakhtiari Finish Tops In Performance Based Pay For 2014

Center Corey Linsley finished second in performance-based pay for 2014.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and rookie Corey Linsley earned a little bit more cash from their productive 2014 seasons.

The NFL announced the 25 players to receive the highest performance-based pay distributions Friday afternoon, with both Packers players finishing in the first 15. The program awards players for playing time based upon their salary levels. Basically, the program is to benefit players who are being paid like limited contributors, but play much more.

Linsley, the 23-year-old Ohio State product, received some of the highest recognition, earning $339,566 -- second best in the league. He played and started every single game for the Packers this past season, but played for the rookie minimum of just $420,000. Bakhtiari finished 15th on the list, earning $263,333 while playing for $495,000 after starting and playing in every game, too.

Seventh-round draft pick Seantrel Henderson earned the most among all players with $373,671 after not missing a game for the Buffalo Bills. Henderson also played for the rookie minimum last season and had a signing bonus of $50,880 after playing on 100 percent of the Bills' offensive plays. In total, players will receive $116.256 million for performance-based pay from 2014.

Below is the full chart of the 25 players who earned money.