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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for March 19, 2015

One Packer free agent is doing his due diligence and meeting with a potential new team this week.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the NFL takes a back seat to college basketball. The first real day of the NCAA Basketball tournament tips off today at just after noon Eastern time, and with it the country's collective sports consciousness focuses on the hard court for the next few days.

Of course, it would be a very Ted Thompson move to sign a free agent or two while nobody's paying attention, so naturally we expect some Packers news to come down the wire soon. Until that happens, check out today's curds, which feature another former Packer free agent visiting a potential new team as well as some fallout from the March league meetings.

Oh, and don't forget to get signed up for APC's NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool here.

Only cheese tops Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin, according to Public Policy Polling survey - ESPN
What I want to know is who are the 6 percent of Wisconsinites who said they sincerely did not like Aaron Rodgers?

No vote scheduled for playoff expansion -
As it stands, the league would really need to vote for expansion sooner rather than later. My guess is we won't see it actually implemented for at least one more year.

Lattimore visits New York Jets |
This little nugget got lost in the shuffle a bit yesterday afternoon, but there's a good chance that the linebacker, who has filled in fairly admirably in the starting lineup the past two years, will be headed for the Big Apple.

And In This Corner... | The MMQB
Is Trae Waynes the best corner in the draft or is it Marcus Peters? The debate will likely rage on for the next month, as the Packers stand in a decent position to scoop up one of the two late in the first round.

NFL doctor thinks CTE is 'exaggerated' -
For what it's worth, Dr. Joseph Maroon is the same doctor who cleared Jermichael Finley to play after his neck injury, even though no other teams would do so.

NCAA bracket predictions 2015: Picks based on proximity to NFL franchises -
Yes, Wisconsin makes the Final Four because of its association with a certain legendary (and currently successful) NFL franchise.