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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for March 4, 2015

While the Packers are trying to retain a top player, the Bills and Eagles just dropped a bombshell on the rest of the NFL.

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Think Randall Cobb is at the center of the big news around the NFL right now? Think again. No, that would be Chip Kelly and company, whose Eagles just pulled off one of the biggest player-for-player swaps in recent memory with the Buffalo Bills.

That's right, a superstar running back just got traded for a linebacker who did not play a down in 2014. Seem lopsided? Read through a few of today's curds and you'll see why that trade is more even than it looks on its face.

But then again, Cobb is still making headlines around Green Bay, and we now have one beat writer who thinks a $12-13 million per year deal is very much a possibility. Discuss, consume, and enjoy!

LeSean McCoy Trade: Eagles send running back to Buffalo Bills for Kiko Alonso - Bleeding Green Nation
BGN's subheading simply says "Holy crap!" Indeed, Eagles fans. Indeed.

Buffalo Bills acquire LeSean McCoy in Kiko Alonso trade - Buffalo Rumblings
And here's the coverage from the Bills' perspective. Bonus fun fact: the Eagles and Bills will play each other in Philly in 2015.

C.J. Spiller: I'm pretty sure Chip has my agent's number -
Now the Bills' former running back got a "thank you for your service" phone call from his old team, and there's certainly a possibility that he ends up being McCoy's replacement in Philly.

Why the Packers might let Randall Cobb leave |
And how they might replace him, focusing on the in-house prospects. Fun fact: the only unrestricted free agent wideout from another team that Ted Thompson has ever signed was Marc Boerigter in 2006, who didn't end up making the team anyway.

Packers have options if Randall Cobb leaves | JSOnline
Here's a similar take from Bob McGinn, but one which makes a rather stunning claim: "It wouldn't be see a five-year deal for Cobb averaging $12 million, perhaps even $13 million with guarantees well in excess of $30 million." I disagree, Bob. To me, that would be shocking.

Sam Barrington will get shot at bigger role - ESPN
Barrington has certainly earned it, but let's face it - his position as incumbent starter at the Mike basically exists by default.

Green Bay Packers Annual Checkup: Demetri Goodson | FOX Sports
Here's an interesting quote from Goodson: he thinks that if he were 21 during the draft process instead of almost 25, he would have been chosen on the second day of the draft.