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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for April 29, 2015

One former Packers draft selection shares his experiences, while we get the first rumor out of the Packers' front office about a member of the organization banging the table for a specific player.

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As of the time of publishing of this article, we have about 34-1/2 hours until the start of the 2015 NFL Draft. Yes, we're counting down. No, we don't feel bad about it.

The season of misinformation and leaks is alive and well, and for the first time this offseason there's a report about the Packers' front office. Of course, Ted Thompson isn't saying anything, but at least one player is targeted by a Packers exec (although that exec has close ties to the player's college, so take that with a grain of salt).

We also find an examination of whether or not the Packers even need a top-flight inside linebacker at all, as Clay Matthews' versatility is suddenly throwing that strategy into question for one beat writer. Do you agree with him that the Packers should go for a corner or outside linebacker instead, or do you think he's totally off-base?

Bob McGinn's top 100 NFL draft board |
Whatever people may think of Bob McGinn, he does a heck of a job predicting the first 100 players who will be drafted. There are a few head-scratchers in here, but with seventeen linebackers included, it's a good bet that one or two will be Packers by the end of the day on Friday.

Is ILB greatest Packers need? Not so fast |
My head hurts. Do we need inside linebackers or not? How about we just take the best linebacker available in round one, and shuffle everybody around to make it work?

Homegrown talent numbers reflect draft weekend importance for Packers |
Though the Bengals technically have more draft picks on their roster by a count of 37 to 32, the Packers have 44 players signed who were either draftees or undrafted free agent signings.

Prepping for NFL Dreams Then & Now | Tim Watson
A 6th-round pick of the Packers in 1993, safety Tim Watson shares his thoughts on the draft process as it existed then and as it exists now, as well as a copy of the official letter he received from GM Ron Wolf notifying him of his selection.

Report: Alonzo Highsmith Pushing for LB Denzel Perryman |
That's all well and good, but as Ted Thompson recently noted, the front office is not a democracy. Similarly, this report seems odd since Ted Thompson very much tries to prevent leaks and keep all information in-house. The other interesting note is that Utah CB Eric Rowe is a possibility at #30.

NFL Draft 2015: Ameer Abdullah, Shaq Thompson and other favorite prospects -
Danny Kelly and I spent a week together in Indy for the Combine, and we talked to a lot of the same prospects. Perhaps it's not surprising, then, that three of his "favorites" would be in my top ten list as well (I can't cut it down to just five). The two named in the headline would be there, along with Eric Rowe (there he is again!).