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Packers see big upside in Quinten Rollins

The Packers have a plan for rookie defensive back Quinten Rollins.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers scout Scott Gutenkunst spoke with the media in Green Bay immediately after the Packers selected Miami of Ohio cornerback Quinten Rollins in the second-round. Below is a transcript of what he had to say about the Packers' new rookie and his transition to the NFL.

With one year of college football, how hard is it to get a read on him?

I went in there in November and he was really really impressive. Great looking kid, great body, great length, great ball skills. He really improved as the season went along. I thought he was fairly easy to evaluate.

How far is his upside?

I think it's big, especially when he gets into our system with our coaching staff. He's a good kid, he has a lot of talent and we're excited to see him.

How do basketball skills help?

I think spatial awareness, the ability to play your back to the ball a little bit, and being able to extend and catch the ball.

What does it do for a team's roster to pick two CB's back-to-back in the same class?

Competition is great. I think anytime guys are challenged, you usually get the best out of them.

Cornerback or safety?

He's a corner, but he could easily play safety. If you see him, he's built really well. He could do either.

When you look at him on film, where is his development?

Whatever rust he had, he shook over really quick. He's a very natural athlete. Certainly, it's not the same as having four or five of years of football, but there's maybe some advantages too because we're going to be able to train him the way we want to train him.

Is the staff concerned about his slow combine time?

He plays fast enough, no.

Since he played another sport, do you feel like you have to find out if he's really passionate about the sport?

I think you're always looking if guys have passion. That's a very important thing. I think a lot of that you see on tape, and you can see their DNA about that stuff by the way they play a little bit, and that's not a concern for us.