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Packers Assign Jersey Numbers to all Rookies

Only eleven numbers are unclaimed at this time, and several of those are retired.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Green Bay Packers integrating the rookies and veterans on their roster with this week's offseason workouts, the team has handed out jersey numbers to every one of the 88 players on the team's 90-man roster. That 88-man group includes 25 rookies and 63 veterans.

We knew all of the Packers' draft picks' numbers last week, and the undrafted free agents were given numbers during last week's rookie minicamp. Here are the numbers assigned to each of the rookie players moving forward.

Number Name Position How Acquired
1 Adrian Coxson WR UDFA
7 Brett Hundley QB 5th-round draft pick
10 Javess Blue WR UDFA
11 Larry Pinkard WR UDFA
13 Ricky Collins WR UDFA
22 Aaron Ripkowski FB 6th-round draft pick
23 Damarious Randall CB 1st-round draft pick
24 Quinten Rollins CB 2nd-round draft pick
35 Bernard Blake CB UDFA
36 LaDarius Gunter CB UDFA
38 John Crockett RB UDFA
43 James Vaughters OLB UDFA
47 Jake Ryan ILB 4th-round draft pick
57 Tavarus Dantzler ILB UDFA
59 Jermauria Rasco OLB UDFA
62 Marcus Reed OG UDFA
68 Fabbians Ebbele OT UDFA
74 Matt Rotheram OG UDFA
77 Andy Phillips C/OG Rookie minicamp tryout
78 Lavon Hooks DT UDFA
82 Jimmie Hunt WR UDFA
85 Mitchell Henry TE UDFA
86 Kennard Backman TE 6th-round draft pick
88 Ty Montgomery WR 3rd-round draft pick
97 Christian Ringo DT 6th-round draft pick

This leaves only 11 numbers available (as one might expect, considering that the roster currently sits at 88 players). Those numbers are: 3, 4, 5, 14, 15, 26, 31, 40, 50, 66, and 92. Of those, five are officially retired (with Brett Favre's number 4 to become the sixth this summer). Therefore, only numbers 5, 26, 31, 40, and 50 will be available for use by newly signed players this summer.