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Brett Favre's flag football game at Camp Randall Stadium has been confirmed

The game, which was reported a few weeks ago, is now a reality, with details to come.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

About two weeks ago, reports swirled about former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre wanting to hold a celebrity flag football game at Lambeau Field. With Favre in town on July 18th to be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame and have his jersey number retired, he reportedly desired to have the game the following day. However, the Packers organization turned down the request to hold the event at the legendary stadium, and further reports put the game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

Now those reports have been officially confirmed by the University of Wisconsin, as ESPN Wisconsin's Zach Heilprin found out:

We'll be sure to bring you the details from tomorrow's press conference here at Acme Packing Company.

According to Packers' public affairs director Aaron Popkey, the Packers turned down the game because of conditions about the playing surface at Lambeau Field, which is primarily natural grass but has some synthetic materials as well. Those concerns are minimized at Camp Randall Stadium because the field is composed of FieldTurf, a fully-synthetic material.

Just make sure to drive the speed limit (especially through Rosendale) if you make the drive from Green Bay to Madison two months from now.