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Packers GM Ted Thompson says drafting Brett Hundley 'wasn't really planned'

Barring a trade, the Packers have finished their 2015 NFL Draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Unless the Packers jump back into the seventh round, their 2015 draft class is complete.

General manager Ted Thompson took the podium this afternoon and discussed his new crop of draft picks that will begin working with the team in the next coming days. Thompson discussed what went into drafting UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley, along with the Packers' new tight end Kennard Backman, defensive lineman Christian Ringo, fullback Aaron Ripkowski and linebacker Jake Ryan.

Below is a transcript of his press conference.

On preparing for the draft every year:

It's hard to believe the amount of work and time that is consumed in terms of preparing for this and making sure the Packers put a good foot forward. These guys are unbelievable, I don't know how many guys we have up there now, everybody has been in there until 12:30, 1 o' clock at night. I appreciate them all, and I did want to mention that these are good people and I appreciate them.

Big picture, I thought it went pretty good. You always kind of wonder if you did the right then when you walk away, but I do a lot of praying when I walk away and I hope that helps.

Why they selected inside linebacker Jake Ryan:

I thought he had a lot of pedigree. Very well liked at school, a two-time captain ... he's played some big time ball.

What do you think of Brett Hundley?

It wasn't really planned, it was just something that happened. We felt like there was an opportunity there to do something that we would always like to do. Sometimes we don't always have the opportunity to do it, but we like taking quarterbacks. We felt he was a good value pick there.

Do you think he would've been gone by the time you were up?

Yes, that's the reason we moved (up).

What can Hundley learn from Aaron Rodgers:

A lot of stuff that I probably don't have a clue about. It's probably good for anybody to learn from somebody that's gone through it.

Regarding if Christian Ringo can play long-snapper:

If he does, I don't know about it. I have seen him play defensive end.

He'll be part of the way we do things in packages and things like that. If he plays well enough and makes our team, I expect him to do that.

Is he a nose or end?

Probably an end. He's more of a quick-twitch penetrate (guy).

What they saw in tight end Kennard Backman:

We like the speed, he's an athletic, linear-type-build basketball guy, but we think he's a pretty good football player.

What they saw in fullback Aaron Ripkowski:

We liked what we saw on tape, and then he had a good Pro Day and that was encouraging. Very sharp young man. He played on special there and the whole thing.

It looks like he catches it pretty good.

On not taking an offensive lineman this year:

It's not about positions or taking two of these, three of these. It's just the way it works out. We had them up there, and that's the run with offensive lineman too. They take a run.

At the end of the day, we do different things and we have different packages. Different athletes are required for those different things. You look for versatility in the things that you do.

His mindset after the last pick:

We start with college football recruiting as soon as it's over. We like college free agents and we hope we can find some guys that can help us, and that we can help them.

When making a pick, how much does their future development factor in?

We literally said it to each other. We literally kept saying to each other ‘lets take a football player'. I was trying to have everybody focus on who the football players are and I hope we did that,

Where is your team at right now heading into the season?

We're getting ready to start it again. The rookie orientation will start and that is the start it. It's a long hard road. In this profession, its hard for these rookies because they haven't been through this long hard role like an old dog like me.

On always bringing in UDFA's:

We like it. We appreciate the value it's been for the Green Bay Packers over the years.