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Green Bay Packers Undrafted Free Agent Signings Tracker

Stay updated on the Packers' free agent signings with the NFL Draft concluded.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL Draft wrapped up, the Green Bay Packers are now fighting with 31 other NFL teams to sign undrafted players to priority free agent contracts. We'll keep you posted with all the reports that we can regarding Packers signings.

According to CBS' Joel Corry, each NFL team will have a cap of $86,957 to use for the signing bonuses for all of their undrafted signings. Note that this number is the total bonus cap for all of the signings, not per player.

The Packers' have had remarkable success with undrafted free agents over Ted Thompson's tenure in Green Bay, with several of the team's priority signings making the team. Sam Shields is arguably the greatest success story, having earned a four-year, $39 million contract prior to the 2014 season.

For the full list of the Green Bay Packers' 2015 draft picks, click here.

Stay tuned as the reports start rolling in. Please note that reports are not necessarily final, as not all contracts will be signed immediately.


John Crockett, RB, North Dakota State (reportedconfirmed by player)
Raymond Maples, RB, Army (reported)
Alonzo Harris, RB, Louisiana Lafayette (reported)
Malcolm Agnew, RB, Southern Illinois (reported)
Adrian Coxson, WR, Stony Brook (reported$5,000 signing bonus)
Larry Pinkard, WR, Old Dominion (reported by ODU)
Ricky Collins, WR, Texas A&M-Commerce (reportedconfirmed by player)
Jimmie Hunt, WR, Missouri (reported)
Javess Blue, WR, Kentucky (reported)
Mitchell Henry, TE, Western Kentucky (reported)
Fabbians Ebbele, OL, Arizona (reported by UofA)
Matt Rotheram, OL, Pittsburgh (confirmed by player)
Marcus Reed, OL, Fayetteville State (reported)


Lavon Hooks, DT, Mississippi (reported)
James Castleman, DL, Oklahoma State (reported by OSU)
James Vaughters, OLB, Stanford (reported)
Jermauria Rasco, OLB, LSU (reported)
Tavarus Dantzler, ILB, Bethune-Cookman (reported by agent)
Bernard Blake, CB, Colorado State (reported by agent)
Ladarius Gunter, DB, Miami (FL) (reported by college coach)
Anthony Wooding, S, Wake Forest (reported by college recruiting coordinator)

Minicamp Tryout invites

Blake Sims, QB, Alabama (reported)
Chris Mallott, WR, Southeastern Louisiana (reported)
Jake Silas, OT, Buffalo (reported by agent)
Josh Bredl, OT, Colorado State-Pueblo (reported by APC's Jason B. Hirschhorn)
Andy Phillips, OG, Central Michigan (reported)
Mitch King, TE, Penn (reported by agent)
Uona Kaveinga, ILB, BYU (reported by agent)
Skye Povey, DB, BYU (reported by APC's Jason B. Hirschhorn)
JD Rousell, DB, Sacred Heart (reported)


It was initially reported that Southern Oregon QB Austin Dodge was coming to Green Bay, but reports now indicate that he has signed a UDFA contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

Currently, the list of reports consists of 21 signees. However, following the 2015 NFL Draft, the Packers' roster sat at 72 players (64 signed plus eight draft picks), so the team can only sign 18 free agents. It is possible that a few of the players listed as signees have only been invited to the rookie minicamp instead. We will continue to update this list as we learn more.