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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 21, 2015

Today we shift focus to the good things that the Packers organization and players are doing off the field.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So much of what we focus on here at Acme Packing Company revolves around the Green Bay Packers' work on the field, but today we want to call some special attention to their good work off of it. In today's curds, you'll find some notes on one Packer who is working hard to help out his home country in Africa, as well as an opportunity for fans to pitch in for a good cause in a few weeks.

We'll follow those up with some on-field stuff, but that will take a back seat today.

My Story: From Congo to the NFL | Enough
Please take a look at this article written by Packers linebacker Andy Mulumba about his efforts to bring attention to and raise money for people affected by political and economic conflicts in his home country.

Jerry Parins Cruise for Cancer "Million Dollar Ride" set for June 13 |
Want an excuse to support cancer charities and either ride your motorcycle through Northern Wisconsin or party with other riders at Lambeau? Here's your chance!

Flashback - Sherman Lewis helped bring championship back to Green Bay | JSOnline
The Packers' offensive coordinator in the 1990s, Lewis followed Mike Holmgren from San Francisco to Green Bay after a long history at Michigan State as both a player and coach.

NFL makes right call on extra points |
There has been plenty of discussion about the rule change here at APC, and here's a lengthy discussion of why the change was a good one. Agree or disagree?

Green Bay Packers' Mason Crosby: PAT rule change worse for linemen |
He references the walk back from the goal line to the 15 as a struggle and something that could impact the flow of the game.

What if the NFL had a draft lottery? -
It may be a terrible idea, but things would be very different if picks were decided by ping pong balls.

Seahawks' GM congratulates Ryan Tannehill's agent for costing his team money -
Ha! Funny guy, that John Schneider.