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Packers Will Travel 16th-Most Miles in 2015 for Road Games

Though the Packers have several trips out West, the short trips within the division help to make their 2015 road schedule roughly league-average.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As one of the teams most centrally-located in the entire National Football League, the Green Bay Packers typically have one of the less-difficult travel schedules in the league. This year, it appears that they will be right in the middle of the pack in terms of the number of miles they will have to travel for their road games.

According to John Breech of CBS Sports, the Packers' road slate of eight games will have them in the air for the 16th-most miles among the 32 NFL teams, with a grand total of 15,108.

The team has a short distance to cover in its divisional games, as the NFC North is one of the most geographically compact divisions in the league and in all of professional sports. Only the AFC North can even come close to the proximity that the teams in the Black and Blue Division share.

However, this year the Packers will be making four trips West, as both the AFC and NFC West divisions are on the schedule. Those trips include a pair of visits to the Bay Area, in San Francisco for a week 4 matchup and in Oakland for the week 15 game, as well as games in Denver and Arizona.

It is possible that the Packers could conserve their travel schedule slightly, as weeks 15 and 16 find them in Oakland and Arizona back-to-back, but with the Christmas holiday in between that seems unlikely.

In all, expect this to be one of the Packers' toughest travel schedules in the rotation, as they will not see both West divisions on their schedule again for another 12-year cycle.

As far as the other teams in the league are concerned, the 49ers have the longest set of trips in the league, with their mileage totaling nearly 28,000. By contrast, the Eagles barely have any travel at all, going less than 7,000 miles combined for their eight road games.