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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 7, 2015

There's a new batch of Packers in town today, as rookie minicamp officially begins on Friday.

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As the Green Bay Packers' newest players arrive for the start of rookie minicamp, we have a few names that stand out as players who could make an impact early and often in their NFL careers.

The draft picks, of course, are well-known by now, but we are gradually learning more and more about the various players who have agreed to undrafted free agent contracts with the Packers. Today, they'll show up for their first taste of professional football before stepping onto the practice field for the first time on Friday.

Among those rookie free agents, a few have better chances at making the team than others, both because of their own innate talent as well as the situation on the team's roster. We look at a few of them in today's curds, as well as some final wrap-up analysis from the 2015 NFL Draft.

Running back John Crockett jumps at chance to play for Packers | JSOnline
Crockett was highly recruited by Big Ten schools, but had some academic issues and ended up at NDSU instead. Now he's hoping to make it in the NFL, just a few hours' drive from his hometown.

Bernard Blake Looks to Seize Cornerback Job in Green Bay | 247Sports
The Colorado State corner has his work cut out for him, with two draft picks and several veterans ahead of him on the depth chart. Still, he is determined to make an impact in Green Bay and find his way onto the roster in 2015.

Clay Matthews' fate at linebacker could be in Jake Ryan's hands |
If Ryan can carve out a niche as a rookie like Mike Daniels or Micah Hyde did in their first years, that should still give Matthews plenty of opportunities to rush the passer from his normal right outside linebacker spot.

NFC North roundtable: Vikings had best draft, Lions the worst |
The Packers and Bears were tied in the middle, though the Bears got a pair of first-place votes that the Packers didn't.

Five worst fires in Packers history |
In each of these cases, lots of priceless Packers-related memorabilia and items were destroyed.

2016 NFL Draft: 125 players to know for next year -
No Joel Stave on this list? THIS IS A TRAVESTY!