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Packers Sign 2015 Draft Picks Jake Ryan and Brett Hundley to Rookie Contracts

Three members of the Packers' rookie class are now under contract.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With the new Green Bay Packers arriving in town on Thursday for the start of rookie minicamp, contracts are beginning to roll in. Thanks to the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, draft picks are locked in to a pretty tight negotiating window, and have little wiggle room. Still, there is the rare occasion where a player may try to finagle his way into a little more money than a team is offering.

There are apparently no such concerns with the Packers' fourth- and fifth-round picks, however, as Tom Silverstein reports that linebacker Jake Ryan and quarterback Brett Hundley are locked in:

According to the draft pick numbers from Over The Cap, Ryan's contract has an expected value consisting of the following:

Total Value: $2,886,544
Signing Bonus: $606,544
First year salary cap value: $586,636

Hundley, on the other hand, has a bonus of a little less than half of Ryan's, as the fifth-rounder's contract looks like this:

Total Value: $2,503,632
Signing Bonus: $223,632
First year salary cap value: $490,908

Based on the Top-51 rule in effect during the offseason, these signings barely affect the cap at all. In fact, Hundley would fall just below the top 51 highest cap hits on the roster, and does not affect the cap. Ryan displaces a second-year player making $510,000, and therefore his projected contract would increase the overall cap hit for the Packers only by about $77,000. That takes the Packers from an estimated $16.528 million in space down to $16.451 million - again, a minimal impact.

UPDATE: Sixth-round pick Aaron Ripkowski has also reportedly agreed to his rookie deal. Rip's deal is slotted to have a signing bonus worth just over $106,000 and, like Hundley's, falls outside the top 51 current contracts on the team.

Stay tuned this afternoon, as we will bring you news of additional signings as they are announced.