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Mike McCarthy discusses Jordy Nelson's recovery, Scott Tolzien's play, and more from OTAs

The Packers head coach discussed a handful of topics after his team's open practice on Wednesday.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media following the team's open Organized Team Activities practice. In his regularly scheduled press conference, which was streamed live on, McCarthy addressed a handful of topics relating to the OTAs in general and in specific terms, getting into a few individual players' performances as well as the oft-cited "year two jump".

On Scott Tolzien's play in OTAs: "Scott Tolzien, taking a step. I think he's definitely done that throughout the OTAs. I think he had three outstanding throws (today)...he's taking that step with his opportunities in the OTA practice environment. He'll continue to work like he always has. Really it's the preseason games (that you evaluate)."

On Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson's ability to work together: "The relationship Randall and Jordy have, personal and professional, on and off the field, is part of their success. They complement each other in the fact that they're two totally different players (and) in the way they're utilized...Jordy's been here more than any other player in the offseason...they definitely feed off each other, compete, push off each other."

As for Nelson's recovery from hip surgery: "I think Jordy's going to be fine when we get to training camp."

On how OTAs have gone so far this year: "Our OTAs are going well. I think the flow of it has been excellent. I don't really feel like we've taken a step back. They all steart the same, you have to learn to practice as a football drills, new scheme, new language...I felt the first week they really got off to an excellent start week one...we feel very good about the quality of work."

Why is the jump from the first to second year so important for young players? "Year one to year two is the most important year for a lot of different reasons. Young men come out of college...they're drafted and bam, they're thrown into minicamp. It's really condensed with a lot of learning. From their senior year through their first year, it's definitely an overload of physical, mental, and emotional responsibility ... In year two, they're able to go back and learn everything A, B, C ... Year one, they're trying to keep their head above water, they're trying to learn what they're supposed to do. Year two, they need to know what the guy across from them is supposed to do."