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Packers' Mike McCarthy discusses Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery, Richard Rodgers during minicamp

The Packers' head coach spoke at length on Tuesday about some of his young receivers and the coaching competition he established for his assistants.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Following Tuesday's minicamp practice, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media about the day's practice.

In his press conference, which was streamed live on, McCarthy discussed a few young receivers who are making good strides this spring as well as a new coaching competition he has set up for his position coaches to help teach the team about concepts in new ways.

Read below for a summary of McCarthy's comments.

What did you work on in practice? "Today's practice was all review (of ) install 1 through's all "move the ball" so you want to hit every situation you can...offensively, very productive today. That's a product of it, the defense got a lot thrown at them today."

On Ty Montgomery: "Ty looked excellent. He had a very good practice Friday, and I thought he had a very good practice today. He does a lot of things very natural. He picked it up really quick, especially for someone who hasn't been here."

On Montgomery contributing on special teams: "I hope so. Ty will definitely have opportunities on special teams. All our younger players will have opportunities on special teams."

On his own contributions to the defensive schemes: "(It has been a) big focus for our whole team this year is to raise our football IQ. Coaches spend more time together, offense and defense...we had a contest, coaches were paired together, given a topic, had to present for 15 minutes. There was a prize involved ... we're trying to educate as much as we can defensively how the offense thinks, (for the) offense how the defense thinks ... I'm just very impressed with our defensive staff. I think those guys are excellent coaches ... I think the toughest part of your job (as a head coach) is managing your staff."

Which of the coaches presented today to the team? "(Defensive line coach) Mike Trgovac and (Offensive line coach) James Campen did theirs today and they did it to the theme of 'Step Brothers.' You figure that out. They took a concept they had to teach, they used some video, you can tell that's a movie the offensive line knew every word of...good teaching...for the coaches to be able to present in front of the whole team, defensive guys have never seen James Campen teach offensive line technique."

Which coaches won the contest? "I can't tell you, they're up on Thursday."

What's your routine like during OTAs and minicamp? "I don't have a routine. I'm still working through job responsibility. Got a lot of ideas, a lot of them won't be applied until training camp or the regular season."

What's going on tomorrow during minicamp? "We have a team activity tomorrow, will let you know what it is...players will be in groups of 4, maybe 5, guys will ride in a car with Aaron Rodgers or guys that they've never had a conversation with."

How has Richard Rodgers developed this offseason? "Richard has a hell of a home run swing...Richard's just more comfortable, has taken that next step...the first year they're just trying to learn and play in a, having a chance to look back at all the video, it's a little more natural for him. He's focusing more on his technique and fundamentals and what the defense is doing."

How about Davante Adams? "Davante Adams, if you want a clear illustration of a first-year player taking a jump in his second year, you just saw it here these last four weeks. He's got a lot in front of him, so that's exciting. He's been really, really good in practice throughout this deal."

What is Casey Hayward's status? "Casey's getting better. He's following the protocol that the training staff and the medical staff has laid out for him. It was important for him and Jordy (Nelson) to go out there and get some work in and get some confidence."