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Packers Top Plays of 2014, #7: Randall Cobb's "Sinister Six"

It wasn't a critical play in the final minutes of a close game, but this catch still goes down as one of the top ten plays of the Packers' season.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Our countdown of the top plays of the Green Bay Packers' 2014 season continues with the seventh-best play of the year. This highlight features a great individual effort from Randall Cobb during a beatdown of the Packers' biggest rivals.

The Situation

When you're deciding on the best plays of the year there is a lot to consider. It helps if the play is a part of a huge comeback, or cements a close victory. That is not the case here as Randall Cobb's brilliant one-handed grab over Demontre Hurst served only to put one additional nail into the already nail-full coffin of the Chicago Bears. Seriously, it moved their winning percentage from 100% to 100%. But while the play was negligible in terms of helping the Packers win, it was the final touchdown in Aaron Rodgers' brilliant record-tying six touchdown half in week 10.

While close games may get your heart going, it's occasionally nice to have a laugher just to relax, and there is no better team to see on the other end of a blowout than the Chicago Bears. Rodgers was absolutely brilliant in racking up 6 scores in only 18 total completions. His last, an 18-yarder to Randall Cobb with just 19 seconds left, is featured here.

The Play

Click here for the video of the play from

At the snap Cobb is lined up in the slot with Nelson to his left and Quarless to his right with Davante Adams the single receiver at the top of the formation. Demontre Hurst is singled up on Cobb. Hurst, if you are not familiar, is an undrafted free agent cornerback out of Oklahoma who mainly sees time on special teams.

This play is basically a microcosm of the entire game as the Bears did nothing right. The half is almost over and Rodgers is working out of the shotgun. It's 3rd and 10 and the Packers are out of timeouts. Even though it's 35-0 everyone knows the Packers will be passing. The Bears are playing an extremely soft man-to-man, giving every Packer receivers a huge cushion. The Packers really don't do anything fancy. Rodgers recognizes the mismatch early as his focus never really leaves Cobb. Quarless takes about 5 steps and cuts hard inside, taking Chris Conte with him and leaving Cobb in single coverage. Brock Vereen is deep on the other side of the field, but he has no chance to get over in time. To make matters worse for the Bears, they rushed six on the play. When Rodgers was blitzed last season, he had a 115.3 QB rating.

But let's get to the point; Cobb blows by Hurst off the line and creates separation. Hurst is to Cobb's inside and Vereen is attempting to come over to help out, so Rodgers lays the ball out for Cobb on his outside shoulder, but overshoots him just a bit. Cobb is famously not very tall (listed at 5'10") and has to fully extend to get his left hand on the ball. He manages to control it enough to pull it in, and perhaps most importantly, keep the ball from ever hitting the ground. Watch it here:

Cobb One-Handed TD

It's an amazing catch, and perhaps more than anything else, shows the lengths the other offensive players will go through in support of number 12. This was a sublime half of football, and this catch was the exclamation point.

The Impact

This play made it 42-0 and allowed Aaron Rodgers to tie the NFL record for touchdown passes in a half (last set by Daryle Lamonica in 1969). But more than that, it allowed for every Packer fan to have a good ol' time watching them beat down their biggest rivals and ensured a legendary Bear postgame show on AM 670 in Chicago. It also allowed for the backups to get some key reps in the second half. This win started a five-game winning streak that saw the Packers put another 50 spot on the Eagles the following week, and included their signature win over the New England Patriots.

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