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Packers top plays of 2014, #4: Rodgers' fake spike

Perhaps the most memorable play of the entire NFL season comes in at No. 4 in our countdown.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When it comes to our countdown of the top 10 plays of the Green Bay Packers' season, strong arguments can be made for a handful of choices. Certainly, the big, game-sealing plays, especially those late in the season and during the playoffs, have worthy claims, as do the any number of Aaron Rodgers' "how'd he do that?" throws. However, perhaps no play by any team during the 2014 season will prove as memorable as the fake spike Rodgers pulled off against the Miami Dolphins.

The situation

The Packers, slogging through a typical hot and humid afternoon in Miami, found themselves trailing the Dolphins by four late in the fourth quarter. After Dom Capers' defense (playing without multiple key defensive backs) forced a punt just before the two-minute warning, Rodgers began what would prove to be the game-winning drive.

The play

It's difficult to call the now legendary fake spike a play given that the majority of the players on the field had no idea it was going on. The previous play, a short pass to Randall Cobb for 4 yards, had the clock rolling with under 10 seconds remaining. Rodgers got the offense to line up for a routine spike to stop the clock, but saw that Davante Adams had a near 10-yard cushion. Rodgers signaled to Adams, and the rest is history.

The impact

Rather than killing the clock and setting up a final play from outside the Miami 16-yard line, Rodgers' quick thinking and Adams' smart decision to get out of bounds allowed set up the Packers inside the 5. That made Green Bay's final play call considerably less predictable, which is how Andrew Quarless ended up in one-on-one coverage against a linebacker.

A quick step back from the shotgun, and Rodgers has found his target in the end zone for the game-winning score.

The countdown

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Jason B. Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as an SB Nation newsdesk contributor and NFL writer for Sports on Earth.