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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 2, 2015

Who's Vegas' favorite to win Super Bowl 50?

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Green Bay Packers fans probably are used to their tight ends talking a big game in recent years. After all, Jermichael Finley was, for a time, an outspoken player who was never short on confidence. It seems that Andrew Quarless has inherited that trait, and in today's Cheese Curds we find a breakdown of the tight end and what he needs to do to back up his big talk.

In addition to that, we have some news from the sports books in Las Vegas and find out that Ted Thompson is capable of using some modern technology. Enjoy!

Super Bowl betting odds: Packers surpass Seahawks as early favorites -
AWWWW YEEAAAAHHHH. Green Bay is getting 6/1 odds right now.

NFL's most talented dynasties |
The Packers' team historian puts the 1960s Green Bay teams in third place here, as Vince Lombardi's motivation and teaching helped them to become more than the sum of their parts.

Favre: Thompson sent congratulatory texts after Vikings' wins | ESPN Wisconsin
Does knowing that change your perception of the split between Favre and the Packers at all? Does it impress you that Ted knew how to send text messages way back in 2009?

Time to step up: Green Bay Packers TE Andrew Quarless |
Quarless certainly has talked a big game this summer. It's time for his play to cash the checks that his mouth is writing.

Adrian Peterson tops NFL's most indispensable offensive players -
(Non-quarterback edition.) Perhaps it's because of the other receivers on the squad, but Jordy Nelson didn't make the list.

Ndamukong Suh headlines most indispensable defensive players -
Also, Clay Matthews isn't on the list because of...Aaron Rodgers. Confused? Me too.

Journal Sentinel hires new Packers beat reporter | JSOnline
With Tyler Dunne having departed for Buffalo, Michael Cohen steps in after spending a few years in Memphis and Syracuse.