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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 22, 2015

The architect of the 90s Packers is going into the Hall of Fame in a few weeks, and spoke on Tuesday.

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You know who's' awesome? Ron Wolf. The former Packers GM and soon-to-be member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame spoke to the media on Tuesday and discussed his tenure in Green Bay, among other topics. In today's curds, we look at Ron's discussion and his career.

Wolf will be enshrined into the Hall of Fame during the weekend of August 6-9.

Wolf made most of 'last shot' in Green Bay |
After disappointing performances in charge of football operations in Tampa Bay and in the personnel department in Oakland, Green Bay was Ron Wolf's last shot at a GM job. He became a Hall of Famer.

Ron Wolf talks of Brett Favre, Reggie White |
Arguaby, the great GM's biggest move was bringing the Minister of Defense to Green Bay, a sign that the city could actually be a desirable destination for free agents.

Packers by position: Quarterbacks - All Aaron Rodgers needs is championships |
You know what would be super cool? More Lombardi Trophies. Yeah, that would be pretty sweet.

Bold Prediction 2: Nick Perry Leads Packers in Sacks | Titletown Sound Off
This is indeed a bold prediction. The snap count should be there for Perry, however, if he remains healthy and reasonably productive.

10 NFC players with make-or-break seasons ahead -
WAIT. There are no Packers on this list? Consider me shocked.