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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 24, 2015

Lists! Some with Packers, some without, but who doesn't love a good list?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

By this time next week, the Green Bay Packers' 2015 training camp will be underway.

The long layoff between OTAs and training camp is nearing its end, and with it we have a renewed enthusiasm for the 2015 season. In today's curds, several of the Packers' best players are discussed - in particular, one (Josh Sitton) who changed positions two years ago and another (Sam Shields) who will likely be moving around the defense a lot more than he has to this point in his career.

Tracing the roots of players riding bikes |
Have you ever wondered when the training camp tradition started? I wonder that every year, and we may finally have some of the explanation.

All eyes on Shields after departures |
While Shields was almost exclusively playing on the right side last year, apparently Joe Whitt played him on the left some during OTAs to see if he can adjust to the other side and follow the opposition's top receivers around the field.

Eddie Lacy's toughness, attitude rub off on Packers teammates |
One measure of Eddie Lacy’s impact on the Packers has been statistical. Another measure would be the effect Lacy has had on the attitude of the entire offense, if not the entire team.

Trench Fanfare: The 10 Best Offensive Linemen of the Past Year | Grantland
A certain curly-haired left guard makes the top five. Josh Sitton is confident now - far more confident than he was early on his career - and it shows in his play and his patience.

Sophomore WR encore: Four who will be overdrafted -
Matt Harmon's Reception Perception articles are great, but they're not very kind to Davante Adams. Based on his observations, Adams is being valued too highly by many fantasy football players.

The 9 most interesting NFL training camp battles -
No, the Packers don't have any positions on this list, but it's an interesting look around the league. The Bears make an appearance, though, with their inside linebackers up in the air.