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Packers to wear throwback jersey in Week 6 against Chargers

It's finally official, though we found out about the announcement a bit early this morning.

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This morning, we brought you the news that Nike had accidentally leaked the Green Bay Packers' new throwback jerseys to the public on their website overnight. Today at the Packers' Shareholders' Meeting, the team had the jerseys on display and for sale at the Packers Pro Shop, confirming that these indeed will be the uniforms that the team will wear for one game this season:

Perhaps more critical than that, however, is that Packers CEO Mark Murphy announced the date that the team will wear these unis. That game will be in week 5 against the San Diego Chargers, and the first official look at the uniforms is here:

It looks like they will incorporate gold or tan pants instead of the Packers' traditional yellow, which is similar to those worn with the ACME Packers jerseys over the past few years. The team will also field solid blue socks and is a tribute to the uniforms worn from 1937 to 1949. That was also the look emulated by the throwbacks the Packers wore during the 1994 season as a part of the NFL's 75th Anniversary celebration.

Here's possibly the best look at the full uniform from inside the stadium:

Here's a more detailed look at the uniform from Nike.The one major quibble that I have with the set is that they did not elect to swap out the green facemasks on the helmet for gray or blue ones. In my opinion, that is a poor decision, but one that makes little difference in the grand scheme of things.

The jerseys, along with additional "classic" apparel, are now available for sale at the Packers Pro Shop.