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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 30, 2015

Practice gets started today for the Packers' 2015 training camp, and we have just what you need to get ready for it.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers reported for training camp on Wednesday, but today is when training camp really begins in earnest. The Packers will take the field for their first practice of this year's camp at 8:20 this morning.

Before that happens, though, get yourself up to speed with a variety of news items from Green Bay and around the league. Among them are looks at the types of contract pitfalls the Packers refuse to fall into, how an All-Star pitcher feels about the frozen tundra, yet another Seahawks player who is unhappy with his current contract, and much more.

Five men who saved the Packers |
One of them brought the team out of a decades-long slump, another did the same but for a shorter period of dismal play, and yet another is of course the franchise founder.

McCarthy: Expectations 'loud and clear' for player conduct |
Despite a handful of arrests by his players, Mike McCarthy doesn't believe his message needs to change with Packers players.

Packers, Dolphins get high marks for throwback uniforms -
Uni Watch's Paul Lukas and I are in full agreement here - we like the new throwbacks with one exception: the green facemask.

My 5 Favorite Places to Watch a Game | The Players' Tribune
Former Brewers pitcher C.C. Sabathia lists Lambeau Field among his favorite sports venues. His time in Milwaukee certainly helped him form that opinion, and his experience at Lambeau is a fun one to hear.

Kam Chancellor wants more money, could hold out -
This is one reason why big signing bonuses throw contract values a little out of whack. Chancellor's contract extension signed in 2013 was for four years and $28 million, a $7 million "average." But because it included money on that year as well as a big signing bonus, he's making "only" $4.55 million this year, and that's apparently not enough.

The NFL’s All-Bad-Contracts Team | Grantland
Speaking of out of whack contract demands, it's a relief that there are no Packers on this list. Then again, with Ted Thompson's tendency not to over-pay, is that any surprise?

Should your team trade for Mike Glennon? -
Not surprisingly, most of the answers are "no."