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2015 Fantasy Football Preview: How high should you draft the Packers' stars?

We look at which Packers players you should be thinking about drafting to your fantasy team, and players who should be left out.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout training camp we will be giving fantasy football previews for the Packers, the NFC North, and finally the rest of the NFL overall. These predictions will cover all players who are available to accrue points based on the major fantasy football outlets including Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, and These previews are based on how the players are expected to fare within a standard scoring league (6 points for rushing/receiving touchdowns, 1 point for every 10 rushing/receiving yards, 4 points for passing touchdowns, 1 point for every 25 passing yards, and -2 points for interceptions or fumbles). We'll present the rankings for each player at their position, as well as overall ranks.

We'll start with the Green Bay Packers draft-available players that you should be considering in this years' fantasy draft. With one of the more explosive offenses in the NFL and a pretty stout defense, there are more than a few Packers who should be drafted and who are expected to put up big points in fantasy leagues this season.

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers QB

2014 Point Total (ESPN): 342

ESPN Rank: 1st (20th overall)
Yahoo! Rank: 1st (4th overall)
CBS Rank: 2nd (24th overall) Rank: 1st

No surprise here, Aaron Rodgers is one of the most coveted fantasy players on everybody's fantasy draft boards. His high offensive numbers with a low turnover ratio made him the best fantasy player in the league last season. Rodgers comes back into 2015 with his same weapons, and the fantasy experts tend to agree that he is the number one quarterback available. Andrew Luck is the other quarterback that is being considered as a number one quarterback pick. Luck finished last season with 336 points.

Where I draft him: Where you draft Rodgers really depends on where you fall on the star QB/star RB debate. I would take Aaron Rodgers as quickly as you can. Quarterbacks are basically in control of how many fantasy points they can put up, and Rodgers puts up a ton. Although some advise to take a running back or star wide out first, since the difference between the top-end options and the second-tier players is greater, I don't know how you can pass up the best quarterback (fantasy and reality) in the league. If he's available when it's your turn to draft, don't think twice.

Running Back: Eddie Lacy

2014 Point Total (ESPN): 216

ESPN Rank: 2nd (2nd overall)
Yahoo! Rank: 1st (1st overall)
CBS Rank: 2nd (2nd overall) Rank: 4th

Eddie Lacy is a very, very valuable fantasy player coming into his third season. He averaged 13.5 points per game last season and is expected to continue improving upon those numbers as the Packers' primary rusher. In a world now where fantasy experts advise to pick up your running back within the first 2 rounds of the draft, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him go in the first round, if not the very first pick. Other running backs making their case for that top pick are Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell and Kansas City's Jamaal Charles.

Where I draft him: I'm a big believer that if a superstar quarterback is still on the board, you take him. If a top three quarterback is not available, then I would look for a big time running back, which Lacy is considered to be. I think just because of the way the Packers run their offense, it creates more of an opportunity for Lacy to rack up yards and score, which makes him more valuable than Bell or Charles. When all is said and done, Lacy is a high first round pick in any league.

Wide Receiver: Jordy Nelson

2014 Point Total (ESPN): 221

ESPN Rank: 5th (16th overall)
Yahoo! Rank: 3rd (11th overall)
CBS Rank: 7th (16th overall) Rank: 6th

The Packers are privileged enough to have two top 10 fantasy receivers in 2015, one of them being Nelson. Jordy has been a top fantasy producer each of the last four seasons, including last year when he averaged 13.8 points per game. His 221 points were more than 7 of the NFL's starting quarterbacks, an impressive feat considering the large point totals that signal-callers typically put up in standard leagues. Surrounded by the same receiving corps and MVP quarterback, there is no reason to expect Nelson to slow down this season. Other top receivers in this years draft include Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown, Dallas' Dez Bryant, and Denver's Demaryius Thomas. Oh yeah, and Randall Cobb.

Where I draft him: While Jordy Nelson still might not be the very best receiver available in the draft, he is still a very solid and consistent number one receiver to have if you end up near the bottom of your draft order in the first round. As you can see by his overall rankings above, he's viewed as a borderline first/second rounder, so snatch him up if you can afford to take a quarterback or running back in a later round.

Randall Cobb

2014 Point Total (ESPN): 191

ESPN Rank: 10th (22nd overall)
Yahoo! Rank: 12th (29th overall)
CBS Rank: 9th (19th overall) Rank: 10th

Randall Cobb showed that he is also a very valuable receiver to have on your roster, posting breakout numbers all year. With a huge contract under his belt, the Packers think that his production will continue to rise, and like Jordy, he has the MVP tossing him passes all season. Experts have Cobb being taken around the same spot where Alshon Jeffery and T. Y. Hilton are being drafted, but I think he can go a little higher than them.

Where I draft him: Cobb probably could be taken in the first round, but ahead and pick up your quarterback or a running back if you can. I would take Cobb somewhere late in the first round or the 2nd round, He could slip to the 3rd round, and in the case he does, than you have yourself a steal. Cobb will definitely put up numbers for your team and would be a solid number one receiver, but there's a chance he slips in the draft, allowing you to get a pick in before selecting him.

Davante Adams

2014 Point Total (ESPN): 58

ESPN Rank: 45th (109th overall)
Yahoo! Rank: N/R
CBS Rank: 42nd (103rd overall) Rank: 48th

Davante Adams didn't come on until late last season, but when he did he became one of Rodgers' favorite targets in a few big games. One season later and with more experience under his belt, Adams could be looked at more as a threat, especially while taking attention away from Nelson and Cobb. We don't know exactly how much impact he will have this year, but every receiver on the Packers is a threat to post a big game at any time.

Where I draft him: Late rounds, if at all.  Adams wouldn't be a bad guy to have on your bench, however, and could fill in nicely when one of your starters is on a bye week.

Kicker: Mason Crosby

2014 Point Total (ESPN): 141

ESPN Rank: 11th (190th overall)
Yahoo! Rank: N/R
CBS Rank: 3rd (204th overall) Rank: 4th

Crosby has always been a consistent fantasy player. Racking up 8.8 points per game in 2014 is not a bad mark for a team. Most will pick New England's Stephen Gostkowski or Indianapolis' Adam Vinatieri a bit too early, but settling for Crosby later on should be a blessing, especially if you're in need of depth at other positions.

Where I draft him: As late as you can. You could get away with not drafting a kicker and signing one as a free agent after the draft, but it gives you piece of mind knowing you have a solid all-around team. If there will be position players available for you to sign once the draft is over, go ahead and take Crosby somewhere in rounds 14-16.

Defense/Special Teams

2014 Point Total (ESPN):123

ESPN Rank: 13th (221st overall)
Yahoo! Rank: N/R
CBS Rank: 9th (211th overall) Rank: 9th

The Packers have a middle-of-the-pack defensive and special teams unit, even though in 2014 they had 2 games where they put up 20+ points. They have the skill and potential to be a solid pick for your team, but consistency is called into question, especially with a new look in the secondary this season.

Where I draft them: I wouldn't. I would look to other teams such as the Eagles or Seahawks if you want to see point production from your D/ST position. The Packers wouldn't be a bad choice if you choose to draft a backup, though, but they will probably fall into free agency where you can pick them up.

Other Players to Consider: James Starks (RB), Richard Rodgers (TE)

*Bye: Week 7