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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for August 12, 2015

In which we're grateful that our quarterback doesn't owe teammates money (as far as we know) and has an intact jawbone.

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers will open up their preseason schedule in New England against the Patriots. One of the areas that we will be watching closely is the play of the team's quarterbacks, as the team moves into 2015 with a refreshed group of backups.

Thankfully, all of the Packers' QBs have avoided any locker room scuffles, which can't be said for the New York Jets' Geno Smith. If you missed it yesterday (and if you did, you must be living under a rock), Smith was punched by a teammate (well, now a former teammate after he was immediately released) and will miss 6-10 weeks.

We have a breakdown of that situation and Aaron Rodgers' reaction to it, news on multiple Packers backup QBs, and much more in today's curds.

Everything you need to know about the Jets and Geno Smith's broken jaw -
Here's a rundown of the whole situation, which is completely absurd. Pro football players arguing about a $600 plane ticket, ending in one of them with a broken jaw? Ridiculous.

Aaron Rodgers confident No. 1 offense can get ready quickly |
He also addressed the Jets situation, saying "being a professional is about leaving stuff on the field," while commenting that he is not a fan of the new PAT rule.

Getting the message | ESPN Wisconsin
Brett Hundley has been making progress in camp over the past week or so, and it is certainly due in large part to his work ethic and desire to learn everything he can about how to run the Packers' offense.

Packers backup QB Scott Tolzien should resemble Aaron Rodgers |
Speaking of backup quarterbacks, Alex Van Pelt gave Tolzien some awfully high praise - saying that he should run the Packers' offense "the same as Aaron." The numbers won't necessarily be the same, but the comfort level is there and the scheme should show no differences.

Packers Jordy Nelson works the farm | ESPN the Magazine
What do you do in the offseason if you're a $39 million NFL wide receiver? If your name is Jordy Nelson, you work 12 hours a day driving a combine and rounding up cattle on your family's farm in Kansas.

For Packers' rookie linebackers Rasco, Vaughters opportunity is knocking | JSOnline
Last year, Jayrone Elliott burst onto the scene in the second half of an early preseason game. This year, two young undrafted rookies are looking for a similar impact, as they should receive substantial snaps with a few of the veteran linebackers banged up.

Predicting the 2015-2016 NFL Season by Mascot |
At least the Packers would beat the Bears on Thanksgiving night, even if it's because bears go into hibernation a few weeks prior.

Cowboy receivers practice while wearing bags on their head -
I wouldn't recommend that they wear them into the bank when the deposit their per diem checks, though.