Preseason Game #1 Review

Third year in a row I have done this, and I enjoy it, so let's go!

Good win overall for the Packers. With some more consistency this will be a team to fear this season!

Offense looked good except in the red zone. This has been a theme for awhile and needs to get fixed!

Defense looked great, and even being thin at spots due to injury, the pass rush and pass defense showed up. Contain on the outside on run plays still needs work.

Special Teams didn't look special yet, but you can tell there is an emphasis!

Matt Blanchard- For a guy who may be just a camp arm, he looked poised and capable of being an NFL QB, if maybe only a backup.

Brett Hundley- This guy showed that he definitely has the physical tools! If the QB room is as good for him as it has been for others over the next two or three years, he is going to make another team very happy someday and the Packers will get a good pick from him.

Larry Pinkard- I saw a little somethin somethin. Keep working young man and embrace a year on the PS.

Scott Tolzien- Still looks good, if only in the preseason against backups. I'm ok with him becoming Mr. August as long as we never have to see him in the regular season in meaningful action.

Davante Adams- Should have had a TD, but it would have been two separate tough catches. Believe the hype.

Myles White- Myles is the first reason why what you do in training camp doesn't completely define you as a player. This camp as well as in others, all I hear about is how he catches everything thrown to him. But in games, including tonight's, he just doesn't catch everything, or impress me.

Jean Fanor- I don't know much about Fanor but he played a lot tonight. Always seemed to be one of those guys who gets there just a split second late and kinda falls on the pile or barely helps bring a guy down. I don't see him pushing for a roster spot.

Aaron Ripkowski- He has a year to learn from Kuhn. Whiffed on a couple of blocks but looked good on ST. Has a long ways to go.

Quinten Rollins- Everyone wants to talk about this guy's instincts and after this game, I would agree. He nearly had two picks, even if they were on underthrown bad passes. He was always right there though and I loved his willingness and skill at tackling!

Eddie Lacy- The Hulk, Beastmode 2.0, whatever you want to call him, as long as the Packers keep him healthy he will continue to steamroll through defenses.

Rajion Neal- Looks like he is lean and mean and ready to take advantage of his year of experience over his competition. But that competition is going to be stiff!

LaDarius Gunter- A lot of playing time and a lot of plays. Tackles, a pick and also looked good on ST. He has a ways to go to learn to be a true NFL CB, but the camp hype appears to be the real deal!

John Crockett- I was just about to start thinking I would have to say bad things about him and then all of a sudden he makes a great adjustment to a bad pass and rumbles in for a TD. After that he hits full gear and was a running force for the rest of the game. 3rd RB is gonna be fun to watch!

Kyle Sebetic- Not impressed.

James Starks- Starknado did what Starknado usually does, but this year will it be enough? The young guys behind him look awfully hungry and awfully talented!

Alonzo Harris- A nice TD run and showed good hands along with size and some elusiveness. Again, the competition for RB3 is gonna be fierce!

Jake Ryan- He seemed to be chasing plays a lot, but he still made them and had a sack. I don't believe I noticed him in coverage but once his understanding of the defense and the NFL reaches 100%, I think he is gonna be a good player!

Adrian Hubbard- I think a year on the PS really did him good! Looked like a whole different player out there tonight. Pass rush, tackling, hustling downfield. It's a deep OLB group, but a group with injury history. Hubbard needs to keep working and stay healthy, but if he does, he could contribute.

Nate Palmer- Got a lot of playing time, but it's obvious the club really hinders him. Once it's off, I saw some things that make me think he is first in this year when CM3 goes outside at times. Without the club he is better than Bradford and Ryan and the others right now.

Carl Bradford- When he was drafted everyone said that he plays like a man with his hair on fire. Thus far I have not seen that. Which means he was either overrated or he doesn't know the game and the defense well enough yet to be able to play like that. I still hope it's just the latter.

Andy Mulumba- I liked Andy in camp two years ago and was bummed when he got hurt last year. This year he has made noise in camp again and he kept it up during the game. Relentless pass rush, but he lost contain on the Patsies loan TD. He is the best of that "second" group behind Pep, CM3, Neal and Perry and could very well push Neal and Perry.

Jeremy Vujnovich- Looked better as the #2 LT than Barclay did as the #2 RT. Also looked improved. He is another guy we don't ever want to see in meaningful regular season action, but somebody has to be the backup.

Corey Linsley- What Corey did last year was nothing short of amazing and so his horrible attempt at a block that cost the starters a rushing TD was ugly to watch. But at least we know he can still get better which is a very good thing.

Mike Pennel- He may not ever be a starter but when he gets playing time he keeps showing up. A year in the system and the weight room should help him a lot after getting pushed around in regular season action last year.

Don Barclay- Yikes. I really really hope Bulaga stays healthy!

David Bakhtiari- It seems like in every game he gets beat really badly about one time. It doesn't always result in a sack, but it did tonight. In his third year now, that has to stop. Even if you have to hold, just don't get Rodgers killed!

Justin Perillo- The next Tom Crabtree? Or better?

Andrew Quarless- Couple good catches, but also a bad drop and got blown off the ball during a block attempt that caused the Pack to fail on 4th and 1. Sounds like pretty much every game for Q doesn't it?

Jeff Janis- Janis is the second reason why camp talk doesn't always define a player. Coaches and reporters have been hard on him in camp thus far, but when the lights come on all he does is catch TD's. The Packers could do worse as a # 5 or 6 receiver.

Ty Montgomery- Two catches for 28 yards. Looked very natural. No significant returns with a lot of fair catches and touchbacks but if Ty can contribute at WR as well as what he was drafted for, then the Pack made a good 3rd round choice.

Richard Rodgers- Didn't seem to play as much as Q, but made a very nice 18 yard grab.

Jayrone Elliott- 7 total tackles and half a sack. He had good pressure and was very active. I think he could make that big Year 2 leap.

Khyri Thornton- The box score shows him as having an assist, but honestly I never noticed him on the field.

Datone Jones- With two sacks (against backups) Datone looked good. He is just one step away from being able to do that against starters, but I honestly don't know if he will ever take that step.

Bruce Gaston- I would call Bruce "plucky". He had some really good pressures and seemed to be around the ball. He is the type of guy you want to come in on fresh legs once in awhile in a game and keep the defense fired up.

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