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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 24, 2015

With their top receiver likely out for the year, the Packers' replacements for him will most likely come from the players already on the roster.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After spending yesterday afternoon at Heinz Field and watching the carnage that took place there, I am fairly certain that the stadium must have been built on an Indian Burial Ground. The Green Bay Packers probably feel the same way.

First, we have Jordy Nelson's injury, which is by far the most concerning. Losing a 1,500-yard receiver to a torn ACL could be a death blow for many offenses, and still could for the Packers, despite their depth at the position. However, as you'll see below, few people expect the Packers to reach outside the organization to try to supplement the receiving corps.

Then there's T.J. Lang's potential concussion, which did not get a whole lot of attention in the aftermath of the Nelson reports. Luckily for the Packers, backup Lane Taylor has looked much better in camp this year, but the team is undoubtedly hoping that Lang will not have to miss much time.

Stay tuned, as APC will be sure to bring you any further news about any of the injured Packers as it is announced.

Aaron Rodgers' injury not serious |
First, the good news. That's a bit of a relief. According to McCarthy, Rodgers would have returned during a regular season game, but he was scheduled to come out after that drive anyhow.

Stock options | ESPN Wisconsin
As John Kuhn notes, the fact that Nelson's injury took place midway through the preseason is better than if it happened two weeks from now - the team will be able to spend some time adjusting the offense and will have two more games to try out some of their new ideas.

WR market not deep for Green Bay Packers, besides maybe James Jones |
Even that seems like a long shot, since the former Packer has been impressing in Giants camp over the past few weeks.

Notes - Performance improves, but whiffed punt mars game for Jeff Janis |
Janis did get substantial playing time after Nelson's injury and seemed, to the naked eye, to be getting open a little better than in the past. However, that punt will mar his game film from Sunday, as it looked like a pretty poor decision on his part to field it.

Maurkice Pouncey Injury Update: Steelers Pro Bowl center will require surgery on ankle - Behind the Steel Curtain
The Packers weren't the only team to lose a key player to injury, but the Steelers' center should be able to return around midseason from his broken ankle.

Barclay has long day at left tackle |
Based on Don Barclay's performance on Sunday, I'm guessing the team would be likely to move Bryan Bulaga over to left tackle and plug Barclay in on the right side if David Bakhtiari indeed misses regular season action.

Watch Cris Carter Tell NFL Rookies To "Get A Fall Guy" (UPDATE) | Deadspin
And then there's this. This is ridiculous. Completely absurd. Chris Borland alluded to this happening at last year's Rookie Symposium in the ESPN article last week, but it's a little bit amazing to hear and see Cris Carter, an ESPN employee and one of the faces of their NFL coverage, telling players to have a friend who will take the fall if they do something wrong. I doubt it will happen, but if I were in charge of ESPN, Carter would no longer be employed by the network.