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McCarthy: Brett Hundley had excellent command

Mike McCarthy wasn't very happy with his team's overall performance on Saturday, but he had good praise for rookie Brett Hundley.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with the media following his team's 39-26 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are some highlights from his postgame presser:

On the game:

I think we started poorly as a football team in the first quarter. We looked a little flat in our run defense, we had some communication errors in coverage. We'll evaluate that, get all of the corrections and calls and adjustments that were made throughout the game and plot the video. This is a tough run for us coming off a Sunday, Saturday, Thursday schedule. It's the first time we've gone that way. We knew we were going to be stressed at the back end of this preseason schedule, so we've got to make sure we do the best we can and get as much work done here in the next couple of days before we play the Saints.

Looking forward to the evaluation. The third and fourth preseason games are always a rough week for everybody. Tonight was about trying to create as many opportunities as we can for those guys. I think we're going to have a lot of good information to evaluate as a coaching staff.

On Randall Cobb's injury:

Randall Cobb has shoulder.

Was the severity of it similar to Jordy's injury?

I don't think we're in that arena at all. I saw Randall in the locker room, he was part of the team prayer.

Do you think Bryan Bulaga is OK?

Yes. He had an ankle sprain.

On Micah Hyde:

Micah Hyde had a neck spasm.

On Brett Hundley's performance:

Brett Hundley had excellent command. He made some adjustments, he trusted his feet. I thought his timing playing in the pocket and out of the pocket was what you're looking for. He seemed natural a number of times extending plays.

On special teams:

The special teams was poor. I'm not going to sugarcoat that. We had bad field position time and time again. (We) didn't play with the discipline and fundamentals needed.