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Ron Wolf pokes fun at Roger Goodell over Deflategate

The former Packers GM's off-hand comment was caught by his microphone.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Ron Wolf is many things: a skilled talented evaluator, a successful team builder with multiple organizations and, as he is known in Wisconsin, one of the men chiefly responsible for pulling the Green Bay Packers out of a decades-long struggle. Now, Wolf can add comedian to that resume.

During Thursday night's Pro Football Hall of Fame gold jacket ceremony, Wolf made an off-hand jab directed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell caught by the microphones.

"Way to go on that Brady thing," Wolf said after putting on his Hall of Fame jacket.

Perhaps Wolf meant the comment to come off as lighthearted. Perhaps the former GM simply wanted to voice his opinion while he had Goodell's ear. In either case, Wolf's words serve as a reminder that not everyone in the NFL infrastructure cares for the way the league handled the punishment of one of its most visible players.

UPDATE: Now with video! And Goodell laughs heartily (maniacally?) after Wolf's comment.