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Glass Half-Full: Why Packers fans should not be concerned about the Bears in Week 1

Paul is here to tell you why this Sunday's game should be a bloodbath in favor of Green Bay (and to remind you to listen to sports radio in Chicago after the game).

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people like to tell you a bunch of reasons why you should be worried about every opponent your team will face this season. This often ignores the reality of the situation. Sure, you should be worried about facing the Seahawks or the Patriots or, you know, a good football team. That makes sense as when two good teams play the game is likely to be a down-to-the-wire nail-biter. And yes, sometimes some team of hot garbage will have a good week and beat a better team, but that's usually just random bad luck and there is no sense in getting bent out of shape about it.

The Bears are awful. There is no reason to worry about the Bears this weekend. Is there like a 10% chance they upset the Packers? Sure. Aaron Rodgers could get hurt, the Soldier Field "grass" could work its magic, etc., but there is no football reason to think the Bears have a snowball's chance in hell. So to put you at ease:

The Packers' quarterback is way better than the Bears' quarterback, and quarterback is the most important position in sports.

Do you really need to say more? I feel like people are forgetting about this. The Packers are bringing a flamethrower to this fight and the Bears are responding with a squirt gun. Now, if the Packers were facing a team with a good defense, they might be able to close the gap between Aaron and QB X, but just in case you forgot...

The Bears' defense is truly horrible

Yes, they added the defensive-minded John Fox and the excellent defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, but consider also that the Bears' best defensive player (by 2014 Pro Football Focus grades), Jay Ratliff, is suspended for the first 3 games. Their 2nd best defender from last season was Stephen Paea, and he now plays for Washington. Their 3rd best was the retired Lance Briggs. 4th best? The now comically out-of-position and ancient Jared Allen. 5th best? Tim Jennings, now back with Lovie Smith in Tampa. Their 6th best player per aggregate PFF grades last year was Brandon Dunn, with a 2.2 grade over all of 62 total snaps, and almost all of that positive grade comes strictly from run defense. But hey, at least he's still on the team!

It's true that the Bears have more competent coaching on defense, but they're transitioning defenses with brutally terrible personnel. This year is all about trying out young players for scouting purposes, and there's no reason to believe that Aaron Rodgers won't tear them up again. Even if they were coached up a tad, they're starting from a floor in the sub-basement.

The Packers are the biggest betting favorites of the week.

I did a quick cursory look at a few lines and most places have the Packers favored by 7. The only other games in the same ballpark are the Patriots (-7) over a severely depleted Steelers and the Cowboys (-6) over the Giants. Betting lines certainly aren't gospel, but those people wagering actual money on this game believe the Packers are more likely to win than any other NFL team save one.

But what about the running game? Matt Forte is awesome!

Matt Forte career v. GB:
3.91 YPC, 67.4 YPG, 9.62 YPR

Eddie Lacy career v. CHI
4.24 YPC, 78.5 YPG, 15.67 YPR

Moving on.

The Bears' offense is gutted as well.

Alshon Jeffery may play, but he's missed the vast majority of the preseason with a calf injury. Eddie Royal was out until recently with a hip injury and Marquess Wilson (Chicago's Jeff Janis) was out until recently with a hamstring injury. And of course, first round draft pick Kevin White is out for the year. The Bears lack a field stretching player in the worst way and even at full strength they would still be no match for the Packer offense even missing Jordy Nelson. The Packers' defense, even with all its issues, is still worlds better than the Bears' defense. There is no rational reason to think this game is anything other than a blowout.