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McCarthy: 'Hopeful' Morgan Burnett practices today

Safety Morgan Burnett missed Week 1 because of a knee injury.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with reporters as his team prepares for their Week 2 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Here are some highlights:

On losing ILB Sam Barrington for the 2015 season:

As far as how we go forward defensively, different schemes and players will be involved.

Sam Barrington was really taking on a leadership role defensively. He was the signal caller, that's always a big responsibility you have on defense. It's a blow to your defense, but unfortunately in the NFL, this is how it goes sometimes. 

On Nate Palmer:

Nate Palmer gives us the ability to play both outside and inside. We're going to do some different things and see how it works out on Sunday.

*McCarthy noted that Palmer took over communication once Barrington left against the Bears.

On Jake Ryan:

Jake Ryan is making progress, he did some good things on special teams and he's improving.

On Morgan Burnett's status for Sunday: I'm hopeful he practices today.

On preparing for Seattle:

We're really staying focused on the plan and a lot on their games from last week to see how their new players are playing. Every year is a different challenge. Obviously we looked at their preseason snaps, you do you're offseason study, so you're really just focused on the information at hand to get ready for this game. 

Every week is a singular focus. We definitely have a lot to build off of from our Chicago win. 

On Seattle missing safety Kam Chancellor:

Kam Chancellor is a Pro Bowl player. High level of leadership and responsbilty on their football team. Outstanding football player.

On matching up with Seattle:

We're really focused on the scheme and matchups and so forth. I'm not going to sit here and compare their defense this week compared to last year, but they obviously have some new faces there. 

On primetime games:

They're a big deal, it's a big deal for our fans. They're different, though. They really take more to get used to. My favorite games are at noon at Lambeau Field. Night games there's a different schedule as far as what you have to focus on and talk about from a distraction standpoint. Night games are great ...  but my preference would be to play them all at noon.

On QB Russell Wilson's growth:

Command of the offense. Very comfortable, makes a lot of plays with his feet. He can make all the throws, he's an electric player. He pulls the ball down and tries to make plays.

On tight end Jimmy Graham:

Jimmy Graham is definitely somebody you have to pay attention to. He makes their offense different than the past.

On Marshawn Lynch wearing teams down: I mean, Marshawn Lynch is a heck of a football player. How the last game went is irrelevant for how we're preparing for this game.