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Mike McCarthy: The defense set the tone early

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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix led all Packers players with nine total tackles.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy spoke with the media following his team's 27-17 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Here are some highlights:

Opening statement:

Lambeau Field was electric tonight, especially when our defense was on the field, so that was special. That's the way you like to see it. Offensively, I thought our guys did a heck of a job with a number of injuries, guys going in and out, the flow was disrupted at times. We have things to clean up, but the ability to go down and score on that defense and consistently move the football was obviously a big part of the success.

The defense set the tone early, particularly the run defense and the two takeaways at the end.

Special teams played well, I was happy with the special teams, and what can I say about Mason Crosby? We're 2-0, it was a great night here at Lambeau, and we're looking forward to getting some guys healed up here with the extra day off and getting ready for the Kansas City Chiefs.

You want adversity like we had tonight. You overcome it and you build off it.

Going into the game:

We knew we were playing a heck of a football team regardless of what happened last year. We knew we we're going to have to play well. The energy wasn't a surprise to me, it was the fact that we needed to get better after some of the things in Chicago and we accomplished that. That factored into the game.

On his personal feelings of the game:

I'm happy for our players, I'm very proud for our players. I'm just really impressed with the way the flow was disrupted. The only time you only have relief is when you get to the training room and you have a clean bill of health for your guys. That's not the case, we've got some guys banged up. That's the challenge.

We're 2-0, you sleep better when you win.

On his team's adjustments after the injuries:

James Starks had big matchups on special teams this week, then Eddie (Lacy) goes down early and he goes in at running back. There's just more than the norm.

There's a lot of moving parts and our guys kept playing. They made some plays and got the quarterback outside the pocket and made plays, that's what good teams do.

On Jayrone Elliott:

He just needed opportunities. That's what you want, you want competition going on throughout the week. He played big, he made two big plays that obviously factored into the outcome. It's exciting, he's always been an excellent player since Day 1 on special teams and I look for him to do more for us on defense.