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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 22, 2015

The Packers have a good chance of having a few banged-up players back in time for their next game on Monday night.

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Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday, Packers fans, where the celebratory hangover from Sunday night's win over Seattle has started to wear off and we begin looking ahead to the game against the Chiefs next Monday night.

The long week will certainly benefit the hobbled Packers offense, as two key players will have that extra day to rehab and recuperate from injuries suffered on Sunday. As for how the two players will be used if they can play, well, that's up for discussion.

Eddie Lacy's injury thrust James Starks into being a focal point of the offense, and he delivered with over 100 yards of offense. Meanwhile, Davante Adams' ankle issues may have contributed to the Packers' use of more receivers late in the game and a formation that led to some big plays from the slot.

We've got news on all those items and much more in today's curds.

Clutch fourth-quarter drive was turning point again |
Rodgers dinked and dunked his way down the field with a four-wide, one-tight end formation, but eventually found Richard Rodgers for the go-ahead score.

Mike McCarthy on B.J. Raji: His best game as a Green Bay Packer - ESPN
Raji was all over the place on Sunday night, getting penetration on both running and passing plays and wreaking havoc behind the Seahawks' line of scrimmage. If he keeps this up, the defense will be a much different unit than it was a year ago.

McCarthy: We could play 50/50 with Lacy and Starks if we had to |
Starks had a great game on Sunday night, and clearly his head coach believes that he can repeat that performance.

Extra time off could give Eddie Lacy chance to play vs. Chiefs |
Then again, hooray for Monday Night Football and an extra day of rest! Here's hoping that extra day will be enough for Lacy to go next week and force that 50/50 split.

Lacy, Adams improving after ankle injuries | ESPN Wisconsin
Apparently Adams' injury is "similar" in terms of his recovery as Lacy's, despite the fact that the receiver was back on the field in the second half.

Donald Trump's most controversial campaign platform: 'Joe Flacco is elite' -
Trump says "Absolutely he is an elite quarterback," but Mike Huckabee won't answer the question. STOP DUCKING THE QUESTION, HUCKABEE! THE AMERICAN PUBLIC DESERVES TO KNOW YOUR STANCE ON THIS CRITICAL ISSUE!