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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 25, 2015

and will always be connected by their draft year, and they renew that connection on Monday night.

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John Konstantaras/Getty Images

One was picked first overall, the other fell all the way to 24th in an era in which all the picks invited to the NFL Draft were expected to go in or near the top ten.

Still, that fall has worked out pretty well for Aaron Rodgers, and Alex Smith hasn't done poorly for himself either, especially in recent years.

With the two quarterbacks set to lead their teams against one another on Monday night, this week three matchup provides a reminder that the two will always be compared to one another by virtue of that 2005 NFL Draft.

Meanwhile, other Packers are adjusting to new roles on the team; one young receiver has found a niche on special teams after being relegated to the end of the depth chart, while a star linebacker barely ever blitzed a week ago despite being one of the league's most feared pass-rushers. It's all here in today's curds.

Jeff Janis adapting to special teams role, hopes for more offensive involvement |
Janis is taking pride in his special teams coverage. At this point, he kind of has to, since the only snap he took on offense through two games was in the victory formation.

Aaron Rodgers doesn't remember last Lambeau Field interception |
He didn't remember that it was a flea-flicker, intended for Greg Jennings in a game against the Vikings in 2012

Rodgers' draft proves GMs' quandary |
The two quarterbacks taken in round one back in 2005 square off again this week. Here's a look back one more time at how Rodgers made it to 24.

Clay Matthews ready for whatever comes his way |
The Packers linebacker is getting ready to "chase after the guy with the football," which is how Mike McCarthy put it on Thursday. Whether that's a ball carrier or a quarterback, Matthews' responsibilities will be subject to the game plan each week.

Those Packers' pass plays from SNF? May be as illegal as they are clever -
The Packers are using the old 'stick' play better than any team these days, but it's darn close to being pass interference -- at least according to Pete Prisco and Brady Quinn. What say you?

Road Trip: Bishop Sankey | The Players' Tribune
Sankey, the Titans running back, moved from Ohio to Washington as a kid. Along the road trip for the move, he discovered that Wisconsin was his favorite stop.