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Chiefs-Packers Week 3 Fantasy Preview: Expect RB by committee for Green Bay

In our fantasy take on the only Monday night game of the season at Lambeau Field, look to start players in the Packers' passing game and involved in the Chiefs' rushing game.

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We've made it to Week 3 of the 2015 NFL season and the Packers play in prime time for the second week in a row, this week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Through the first couple weeks of the season the Packers offensive fantasy players have been playing as expected, with the exception of James Jones who should be getting a start in all leagues by now. The Packers defense improved last week against an explosive Seahawks offense, and should do the same this week against a weak passing game. Alex Smith hasn't done much to bolster the passing attack for Kansas City, and after a massive game in Week 1 for Travis Kelce, he only finished with 5 points in Week 2. Jamaal Charles has been Jamaal Charles, however, and should produce against a shaky run defense.

Green Bay Packers: Start 'Em

1. Aaron Rodgers

Get used to seeing Rodgers in this column for the rest of the season. His 2015 campaign has started out perfectly by throwing for 438 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Expect that to continue Monday night against a Chiefs secondary that is ranked 23rd in passing yards against, averaging 268 yards a game. The loss of Jordy Nelson doesn't seem to have effected Rodgers' numbers (although imagine what they would be if Jordy was healthy), I would expect a third straight 20+ point performance.

2. James Jones

Turns out Week 1 wasn't a fluke. Jones is back and is making plays just has he did 3 years ago with the Pack. Although last week he only had the one reception for one touchdown, he was a shin and a knee 3 inches to the left from another one. Rodgers is comfortable with Jones and has shown he will be throwing the ball his way in the red zone. Definitely start Jones as your WR2 or Flex, with the Packers rushing game taking a hit and a completely average Kansas City secondary, the passing game should be emphasized.

3. Randall Cobb

Though Cobb is listed on the injury report, he has practiced fully all week and he has put up solid fantasy performances the past two weeks. Alongside James Jones, Cobb should look to see plenty of opportunities through the air Monday night.

Green Bay Packers: Sit 'Em

1. Eddie Lacy/James Starks

Eddie Lacy practiced on a limited basis for the first time on Friday, and is listed as "Questionable". Even if Lacy does see the field this week, he is nowhere near 100% on his bad ankle. James Starks will most likely get most of the snaps for the Packers, but against a Kansas City run defense that has averaged lower than 80 rushing yards allowed and 0 rushing touchdowns so far in 2015.

Kansas City Chiefs: Start 'Em

1. Jamaal Charles

So far the Packers run defense has averaged 154 rushing yards per game, better than only the Cleveland Browns. While the Packers have playmakers in the run game, they couldn't seem to slow down Matt Forte in Week 1 and at times had trouble with Marshawn Lynch last week. With Charles coming off a huge game against Denver (minus the game winning fumble) and averaging 15 points, I would expect him to have another good game in Green Bay, especially in the "run first" scheme.

2. Travis Kelce

Kelce had a monster game against Houston two weeks ago, racking up 22 points on 106 yards and 2 touchdowns, but only 5 points last week. The Chiefs don't have an explosive passing attack, but when they do the big plays go to Kelce. This is the offense that, in 2014, had zero touchdown passes to a wide receiver. Kelce is safe start at the TE or Flex position.

Kansas City Chiefs: Sit 'Em

1. Alex Smith

Smith also had a great game against Houston in Week 1, but an awful game in Week 2. Going from putting up 22 points to 4 points can be frustrating if deciding to start Smith this week, but with the ball-hawking playmakers in the Packers secondary I would expect Smith to turn the ball over a time or two. He doesn't have a real #1 receiver to throw to, and the Packers linebackers do a pretty good job at covering tight ends and running backs out in the flats.