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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 29, 2015

The Packers play tonight, and it's likely that Dom Capers will keep rolling out Buddy Ryan's old 46 defense.

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's almost here, Green Bay Packers fans.

The Packers' week 3 game against the Kansas City Chiefs kicks off tonight, as the wait is nearly over. Tonight's game should feature some challenging matchups for the Packers, while a few key player's absence will make keeping the Chiefs' running game in check even more difficult.

One wrinkle that the Packers have used over the first two games of the season is the "Bear" defense, also known as the "46," a formation which puts eight men in the box and leaves a single linebacker off the line of scrimmage. While that alignment has had success against the pass, it can be exposed a bit in the running game.

We've got more on that and Morgan Burnett's injury in today's curds below.

And then there were two … |
Aaron Rodgers has yet to beat just two of the 31 other franchises in the NFL, with the Chiefs being one of them (Cincinnati is the other)'s a funny coincidence, since the Chiefs were the last team his predecessor defeated as a Packer.

Packers' 'Bear' defense has been remarkable against pass | JSOnline
With the Packers' personnel, it isn't that much of a difference to move from the 2-4 nickel to the old 46 defense, and it has been doing a great job putting pressure on the quarterback out of that alignment.

Setback for Morgan Burnett could impact Packers' run defense - ESPN
We anticipated a better performance by the run defense against Seattle with Burnett back in the lineup, and that's exactly what happened. With Burnett out for tonight's game, Dom Capers will have his hands full trying to contain Jamaal Charles.

Packers re-establishing dominance at Lambeau Field | JSOnline
10 straight at Lambeau? The Packers are getting some of that home-field swagger back.

How Randall Cobb makes Aaron Rodgers better |
This is a great look at the Packers' top wideout from a scouting perspective, looking at three main categories: body language, broken plays, and quarterback-friendly throwing lanes.

Calvin Johnson adjusted and made a catch no human should be capable of -
Matt Stafford makes terrible throw, Megatron makes incredible catch. Rinse and repeat.