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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 8, 2015

Ted Thompson understands all too well what Myles White went through this week - after all, Ted has been there himself.

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One of the tougher things that an NFL General Manager has to do is break the news to the players he releases. It must be doubly difficult to do so for a player who just made the 53-man roster but who is released just a day or two later in exchange for another player who was just cut loose by another team.

Ted Thompson had to do just that on Sunday, as the Green Bay Packers picked up veteran wide receiver James Jones and released Myles White to bring him aboard. In today's curds, we find numerous stories discussing Jones' addition, White's reaction, and Thompson's personal history with that situation.

In addition, make sure to check out the Alonzo Harris story for a look at how it feels to be a player on the roster bubble who's terrified and excited about his NFL future.

McCarthy plenty confident vs. Bears |
"Kick the Bears' ass"? Mike McCarthy promised that at the Welcome Back Luncheon last week, but he backtracked a bit during his press conference on Monday.

A day on the bubble with Packers' Alonzo Harris | JSOnline
Packers RB Alonzo Harris agreed to let beat writer Michael Cohen experience the turmoil of cut day with him and his family. This is an intense and exciting account of Harris' day on Saturday.

James Jones believes he has a lot to offer Packers |
Jones even said that he was "sick to my stomach" while watching the Packers' collapse in the NFC Championship Game: "It hurt, and I hurt for them."

Richard Rodgers didn't charge James Jones a dime for No. 89 |
Rodgers wore 82 in high school and as a freshman at Cal, so switching over to that number is "not a big deal" for the tight end.

Myles White holds no grudge toward James Jones - ESPN
Though he doesn't have any ill will towards Jones, he has essentially acknowledged that his career with the Packers is over, and that he won't be coming back to their practice squad this year.

Ted Thompson knows firsthand that 'final' roster isn't final | ESPN Wisconsin
30 years ago, Ted was in much the same position as Myles White is this week, though Thompson's career was 10 years old rather than just entering his third season. Thompson made the 53-man roster out of Oilers' training camp in 1985, but was released the a few days later after the Oilers signed a player who was holding out. Thompson never played another down of football.

What if your team had suffered the same offseason fate as the Niners? -
This is a terrifying exercise that puts the 49ers' offseason into some perspective. For the Packers, the corresponding losses would have included Mike McCarthy, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, Josh Sitton, Bryan Bulaga, among many others.