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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for September 9, 2015

With a new round of news regarding the Patriots' scandals, Roger Goodell looks as bad as the New England organization.

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Aaron Rodgers hates interceptions, and his coaches hate them too. That's the upshot of one of the articles in today's cheese curds, as we have a great story today about how the Green Bay Packers analyze those turnovers with an almost CSI-like attitude.

Oh, and there's that little matter of the ESPN story regarding Roger Goodell and the New England Patriots that somehow makes everyone involved look awful. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

ESPN just nuked the Patriots and NFL for Spygate -
If you haven't read the article from ESPN, there are some damning allegations in there against both the Patriots and Roger Goodell. Honestly, it's tough to determine who looks worse here.

Packers take on the Bears in regular-season opener |
Here's your mini-fact sheet on the week one game. The Bears lead the all-time series by two games, so the Packers could feasibly tie it up on Thanksgiving night.

Clay Matthews an outside linebacker in name only |
No surprise here - Rob Demovsky confirms that Matthews' designation on the depth chart is pretty much meaningless.

Chris Banjo has tools to become leader of Packers special teams | JSOnline
Banjo certainly took an active role on special teams during his time on the roster over the past two years; now it's his turn to join with fellow safety Sean Richardson and lead those units by example.

Could Mitchell Henry be the one who got away? |
Though the rookie tight end from Western Kentucky played through much of camp with a club on one hand, he impressed the Broncos' staff enough to earn a spot on Denver's 53-man roster, a surprise to both him and the Packers.

How Aaron Rodgers became the NFL's most efficient quarterback | The MMQB with Peter King
This is a great piece, talking to Rodgers and preseason Packers commentator Rich Gannon about how the Packers approach interceptions and how they break down the film after the fact.

It's time to stop thinking of Christian Hackenberg as a No. 1 pick -
Here's a look at the draft impacts from week one in college football, including Hackenberg doing his best David Carr impression (in other words, he got sacked A LOT).

Ranking the best and worst NFL logos, from 1 to 32 | For The Win
The Packers' "G" is only seventh?!