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Packers Mock Draft 2016: Todd McShay goes back to Andrew Billings at #27

The big Baylor tackle is continuing to be projected as Green Bay's first selection next week.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay is a busy man this week. With the 2016 NFL Draft just seven days away, McShay has put out two mock drafts this week - one reflecting what he thinks the best pick would be at each draft slot and a second which tries to project what each team will do instead.

The first exercise was published earlier this week, but his latest projection mock went live on Thursday. His pick for the Green Bay Packers at #27 is a familiar name - the same name as we put down for the first-round pick in the Acme Packing Company mock draft: Baylor defensive tackle Andrew Billings.

Here's McShay's analysis:

The Packers picked a good year to have one of their most glaring needs be a 3-4 nose tackle. Billings has an outstanding combination of quickness, athleticism and power, which helps him wreak havoc on the interior. He'd be a plug-and-play starter for the Packers, who are looking to find a difference-maker on the interior after B.J. Raji announced he's taking a hiatus from football.

Unlike his colleague Mel Kiper, who has been consistently pushing Boise State linebacker Kamalei Correa as the Packers' pick, McShay has consistently been projecting a defensive lineman at 27. In his "best picks" mock, he selected Louisiana Tech's Vernon Butler, perhaps in part because he took Billings at 26 for the Seattle Seahawks.

At this point though, most mock drafts have some type of defensive lineman as the Packers' pick, both because of the need at the position as well as the depth and number of good lineman available in this draft class. As of this writing, however, Billings is also the consensus pick for the Packers, as determined by SB Nation's mock draft database. He was the choice in eight of the 25 mock drafts published over the last few days.

Thankfully, we have just seven days and just a few hours remaining to go until the Packers will be ready to make a decision with the 27th pick.